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Using Numerology To Discover Talents and Abilities

In our last post, we met Lily, a pre-teen with the energy of a leader, fighter and survivor. Let's look at what Lily's numbers say about her talents and abilities.

Lily's mother came to numerology asking the questions asked by so many parents when their children are about to become teenagers:

  • Who will she become?

  • What challenges will she face?

  • How can I support her?

Lily has free will and unlimited potential. It might seem impossible to guess what her path will look like. But by understanding Lily's energy as expressed through numbers, her mother can prepare for Lily's future.

Lily’s talents and abilities are illustrated through the number combination 25/7, her life path number.

The number 25 is a highly spiritual number. It shows Lily is a natural healer. She's empathetic with a strong intuition and heightened senses. She has a deep desire to understand things below the surface. Professions and interests that allow her to research and dig deeper would be an ideal fit. She might become a pediatrician, veterinarian, or journalist.

woman petting a dog
Lily would do well in a job that allows her to work with children or animals.

Lily’s expression number adds up to a 30/3. The number 3 carries “Peter Pan” energy. It shows that Lily is playful, social, extremely likable, fun and has a great sense of humor.

Because Lily carries strong 3 energy, creative expression will be important. She'll find joy in expressing herself through writing and art. Working with children or animals will make her feel fulfilled.

Lily's mother can't know exactly what Lily will become. She can help guide Lily toward activities and interests that align with Lily's life path energy. In our next post, we'll look at what the numbers say about Lily's heart's desire.

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