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Breaking the Anxiety Cycle with Numerology

Ashleigh had no idea what numerology was when a friend introduced her to Sue. But that was years ago. Now Ashleigh gets regular numerology readings and uses her personal year calendar to keep an eye on the energy in her life.

“It’s given me freedom. Freedom to embrace myself. Freedom to believe in myself. Confidence to do things or know what’s happening is happening for a reason,” Ashleigh says.

She says numerology has helped her manage her anxiety. In the past, when something was happening and she couldn’t make sense of it, she’d get caught up in a cycle of anxiety and fear. Now she understands the energy around her and is able to react differently.

“This is happening, even though I can’t understand this thing. This is happening because of this kind of energy. It is what it is, you just have to go with it.”

Of course, even with numerology, it’s possible to get caught up in day to day challenges. Last month was a difficult month for Ashleigh. It was a 7 month, asking her to step back and do some self reflection. It was hard, uncomfortable work. By the middle of the month, Ashleigh felt isolated.

“In the midst of that month, I got so consumed with everything that I forgot everything,” Ashleigh said. But the end-of-month recap she does with Sue’s calendar discussion group helped her bring life back into perspective.

“From a reflective standpoint, it made me be at peace with what had happened, and know that it was all supposed to.”

Every month she learns a little more. Ashleigh says she’s going to make a note of her experience with the 7 month so she can be better prepared wean that energy comes around again.

Numerology has not only given Ashleigh self-awareness, it has also given her the tools to improve relationships with her family.

“My mom and I had a Mother/Daughter reading. We are very different people and communicate in very different ways.” Ashleigh said. “Now that we know that about each other, we can communicate in a way that suits both of us.”

Is Ashleigh’s life perfect after years of numerology readings? Of course not. But she has a deeper insight into who she is as a person. When difficult feelings or experiences come up, she looks at them with curiosity instead of fear. Every month, every day, every year is a learning experience. With numerology, Ashleigh can keep learning about herself and her family.

Find out what your energy is trying to teach you. Schedule a numerology reading with Sue.


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