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Numerology Monthly Reviews & Mentoring

The first session is FREE!  

Numerology Monthly Reviews


While reviewing your personal chart, I will guide you toward achieving a state of equilibrium with your energy. Why are some months so productive and others total chaos? It’s all in the numbers.


So how does this work?

You can choose Solo or 2-4 of your closest friends, family members, co-workers!  I will send you each a monthly pdf describing your Personal Month Energy.  When we get together we will discuss the previous month and what is coming forward in the NEXT month, along with your weekly energies – all based on the frequencies and power of the numbers associated with your names and birth dates! During this time you will also be mentored in learning more about your personal chart and the numbers 1 thru 9. 

Investing in an hour-long monthly session with loved ones, family, or colleagues can bring a dose of fun at an affordable cost. Solo sessions are priced at $30.00, while group sessions for 2-4 people are priced at $25.00/per person . Not every day can you find a package that provides spiritual guidance, entertainment, and an opportunity to strengthen connections with those you cherish.

Groups are scheduled during the last and first weeks of each month. You have the liberty to select a suitable date and time for your group. Two days prior to the scheduled meeting, an email will be sent to remind you along with your Zoom link.

Just bring a pen, your pdf and an open mind.

​In today's world, it's hard not to become bombarded with energy that keeps one's light dimmed, which makes it challenging to maintain focus, stability, and tranquility. Life is meant to be enjoyed. One group member said, "Being in her group is like getting a big hug every month!"


Get your first Numerology Monthly Review session absolutely free because the experience is all about experiencing energy! Explore the unknown and dig deep into the science of numbers and what they mean for you and your loved ones while maintaining a fun and light atmosphere.

Fill out the form below and I will contact you to discuss a day and time that suits your fun-loving group. 



First session is FREE!  If you like try it Solo and then invite your tribe. 

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