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Surprise! It's a good thing.

Knowing the numbers that represent your life journey doesn’t mean you always know exactly what the event is going to be specifically. Sooner or later, Sue will look at someone’s chart and say, “Oh, your going to be in 11/2, that means something unexpected is coming.”

More often than not, the person she’s doing the reading for tenses up. For some reason, when people hear the words “unexpected event” they think it must be something bad. But unexpected events don’t have to be negative. Surprise parties, random gifts, a kind stranger who pays for your coffee at the drive through, these things are all unexpected, and also good.

11/2 energy is most likely to bring on an unexpected event. Although this event isn’t something we’ve planned for, it can bring positive effects. For example, Sue was in an 11/2 month when a friend accused her of doing something she didn’t do. The eventual result of this accusation was a break in the friendship. Sue had no idea it was coming and was initially very hurt.

Yet this unexpected event brought on a profound and necessary change. It made Sue more aware of her friendships. She saw how important it is to be happy and live with empathy, compassion, and kindness. Today, Sue is grateful for the experience because it helped her to grow into a more open-hearted person. That is what 11/2 can do, it puts something in front of us to help us grow spiritually.

Not all unexpected events are painful. Some are just plain exciting! Sue was also in an 11/2 month when she got the news that the camp she wanted to rent for vacation was available. Three months previously she’d been told there was no way she could rent the camp. They were booked solid for the year. Surprise! Not only was there a space for her within the year, it was the exact week she had originally asked for. That’s the power of positivity and the 11/2.

Five can also bring unexpected changes, because 5 wants freedom. If something is in your way, 5 energy will help move it out of your way, with sometimes unexpected results.

If your day energy is 11/2, you might expect a small surprise. But what if you’re in a five day of a five month? That’s what we call duality and it intensifies the energy. The unexpected event could be bigger or it might cause more intense reactions.

Two numbers matching in certain places in the chart is what we call a soul changing year and every Numerology chart has 7 to 10 of those years. A soul changing year can be many things, marriages, divorce, births, graduating from school. It's the years that stand out and it had an impact on our lives.

Knowing the surprise is coming doesn’t make it less intense, but it does help you deal with the uncomfortable results and reach the positive sooner.

Prepare for the unexpected events in your life by getting a numerology reading.


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