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Names That Sound The Same In Numerology

You know that your name is important. In numerology, each letter in your name corresponds to a number. Those numbers added together carry a certain kind of energy. But what happens when you have a name that sounds the same but is spelled differently such as: Cathy/Kathy Debra/Deborah Steven/Stephen

It’s important to know the energy surrounding names especially when you are naming your child, naming your business, or coming up with a moniker for a new product. The Name carries the expression, the heart’s desire, the personality.

When I was trying to name my business, I knew I wanted to have the word Numbers in it. I worked and worked on trying to come up with something. I was so frustrated nothing was adding up for me. Then one night right before I went to sleep I heard “Healing Numbers” so I laid there and calculated it…..really. I got up with my calculator and to my surprise it was a 22/4 Being the Master Architect, practical, grounded and reaching international levels. The number 4 likes numbers. It likes structure, science, honesty, helping others…’s me, and YES I have done video conference readings in Scotland, Switzerland, Canada and I see that getting bigger. Pretty Amazing!

But what about your name? Let's look at a couple of names that sound the same just for fun.

Debra vs Deborah

Debra is playful in nature with a good sense of humor. She is creative in her words and enjoys being up front and center. She is an emotional woman wearing her heart on her sleeve always helping others and having trouble with allowing others to do for her. Debra has to be careful of not interfering in other people’s affairs. Her nature is to help and take care of everyone but sometimes stepping back and letting others walk their own paths helps them more. She is creative, especially at home, decorating, and cooking. Her family is everything to her.

Meanwhile, Deborah, is charming in nature and makes many friends with ease. She has a sense of humor that we all love. She is strong and has the ability to climb the ladder, organizing, managing and knowing how to take care of problems. Actually, Deborah would do very good in a business that brings in creativity with words, like marketing, TV, Radio, theater website design, or writing. She has a curiosity with her inner child which she needs to be able to tap into more, no matter her age. Traveling for work with be ideal because Deborah’s bags are always packed and ready for adventure.

Steven vs Stephen

Both these names contain Master Number energy. Both Names love their home and family very much. Both are very good with their words and have an independent heart.

Steven is a lot more grounded and organized then Stephen. Steven like his to-do list and loves bringing order from chaos. He has patience were others don’t. Steven has a good sense of humor which helps him bring people together when problems arise. Keeping structure in his life helps keep him balanced. He works very hard but has to be careful of not limiting himself to new opportunities, because change doesn’t come easy for Steven.

Stephen is more creative in expressing himself through art, writing, stage, music. Often he uses his words through humor to keep an audience laughing. These might be his friends, family, or co-workers. People seek Stephen out because he has the ability to counsel in a kind and loving manner. He loves to dress with flare and originality. Independent in nature, he also feels the need to take care of his family. Stephen is adventurous and loves to travel.

Cathy vs Kathy

Both names love work and strive to achievement by climbing the ladder to the top. They want the best of everything.

Cathy is outgoing with a primary interest in meeting friends new and old. Her creativity is enjoyed by all, especially through your humor and seeing life in a very optimistic way. Cathy wants to be around people who are playful and full of life. Work is very important to her and she has to be careful of not playing and working too hard which could affect her health. Balance is very important, meaning she needs to take time to relax and rest. She doesn't hesitate to tell people exactly how she feels which sometimes causes hurt feelings. On the other hand, she expect honesty from everybody. With her ability to remember things people can’t pull the wool over her eyes. Cathy must stay focused and disciplined in completing a task or she might miss opportunities.

When you first meet Kathy, she is very witty and charming and full of life. Any office would benefit with a Kathy managing and organizing because she is the powerhouse behind the scene. Her memory serves her well with keeping track of small details. She also is very intuitive with the ability to read peoples energy and knowing how to handle difficult situations. Patient, tactful, and diplomatic. Kathy’s problem is her sensitivity, she backs down from confronting others as she feels their pain before even initiating a situation. High strung with anxiety and nervousness, balance comes from leaning on others and confiding her fears with close friends.

If you have an interesting name spelled differently, email me and for $25 find out how your name is read in numerology. Or if you are thinking about starting a business email me to find out if your business name matches your goals. Numerology can explain the energy of the Name.


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