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Helping Your Child Realize Her Heart’s Desire

In our last few posts, we met Lily, a pre-teen with the energy of a leader, a strong sense of compassion, and a desire for play and creativity. Let's look at what Lily's numbers say about her heart’s desire.

We all want our children to be happy, and nothing brings more joy than following your heart’s desire.

Our heart’s desire number connects us to our innermost yearning and to the dreams, values and ideas that we hold closest to our heart. It can reveal our true motivation and intention behind our actions as it directs the choices we make in all aspects of our life. We can uncover Lily's heart's desire by looking at the vowels in her name.

Lily’s Heart’s Desire number is a 9 which tells us she is a humanitarian. She'll want to care for and adopt stray animals. She will always seek out those she can help. When combined with Lily's other energies (leadership, ambition, intuition and empathy) this humanitarian tendency will motivate her to make a career out of helping others.

Discovering Lily Through Her Heart’s Desire

That empathy and desire to help can also create challenges for Lily. She's likely to get dramatic, especially when things don't go her way. Her mother can help her build coping strategies. Offering unconditional love will be important in building a relationship with Lily.

In our next post we'll explore Lily's future challenges and how her energies can guide her throughout life.


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