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What Numerology Says About Pet Names

The amount of enjoy I get when I open the door for a long day’s at work and I’m greeted by my 2 very happy dogs never ceases to amaze me. They never complain, they just need some loving and a bowl of food.

The animals in our lives bring us so much comfort and pleasure. They can also bring us in challenges now and again. Have you ever wondered what a Numerology reading would reveal in your special animal's life?

It’s important to remember that the sound your dog hears everyday when you call their name is what becomes a part of their essence or in Numerology what we call the “Core Energy”. Just like naming a child, business, a book. Name/words contain the energy of the number that influences us. If you dig a little further when naming something, its usually reflects our own energy which feels good to us, helping us to produce the energy we are looking for.

Spell out your pet’s name and use the chart below to find the number that is associated with each letter.

Each letter in your pet's name corresponds to a number

For Example: I have a Corgi and a Sheltie

My Corgi’s name is SPARKY

So his numbers are: S(1) P(7) A(1) R(9) K(2) Y(7)

I add up all of the numbers: 1+7+1+9+2+7=27

The result is a two-digit number. So I add those digits together: 2+7=9

Sparky’s name is a 9

My Sheltie’s name is SOPHIE

S(1) O(6) P(7) H(8) I(9) E(5) 1+6+7+8+9+5=36 3+6=9

Sophie's name is a 9

You can find your pet's energy the same way. Do the descriptions below match your pet?


This name would bring out a strong independent animal. They are smart, energetic and have a willful personality. A bit challenging when it comes to training because of their need to do it their way. They make up their own mind and aren’t easily persuaded. Don’t expect this one to back down. You’ll find with a (1) energy name that these dogs can be very protective of his/her family. It’s important to give them space, let them have time alone, but keep them as active as possible to help release all that energy. This is not a dog that is going to get up on the couch and cuddle.

Names that have a vibration of 1: Brandy, Roxy, Astro, Zoe


The lover. Shy in nature, but once they become familiar with you, they are your best friend. This name would suggest that being a companion to its master makes them the happiest. They will have a favorite human to cling to. When friends come visiting these dogs will hang back until they have assessed the visitor. Letting them come to you is important. Easy to train because of their need to please and keep harmony among their family. True friends, not making any demands except to be loved. These animals might suffer with separation anxiety so if you can take them to work, do it.

Names that have a vibration 2: Buddy, Charlie, Sadie


Lets go play!! This dog loves to go to the dog park and be with all the other animals, children, and adults. Great family dog if you can appreciate all their energy. Very social but not always the most focused and disciplined. You know that dog that has the ability to do special tricks and make people laugh….we are know them and the 3 name brings that front and center. This pet tends to bark more than others. They like to be heard. Settling down doesn’t come easy, so their master must have as much energy as they do. Great dog to take jogging. I suspect by having this name it may bring on some furniture chewing along with most of your shoes.

Names that have a vibration 3: Bailey, Luna, Madison, Romeo


The work dog! Give them structure and jobs to do and they are happy. Easy to train because of the need to get the job done and done right. Very devoted to their family. But very important to have structure around them always. Chaos can bring misbehavior. These dogs need to get outdoors in Mother Nature. Agility training is good as they see it as a job needing to be done in with speed and accuracy. Plus, they are always happy when they have done things correctly.

Names that have a vibration 4: Benji, Max, Lola, Daisy


Adventures. OMG hang on to your hats! This pet has a lot of energy and needs to seek the unknown. You might have trouble keeping this dog at home as exploring and getting out with the wind blowing through their ears seems to be what makes them happy. No Master, No responsibilities, and I’m off!!! Take them with you everywhere as they love to experience new places. Make sure they have a place to play that allows the freedom that they need. They love socializing. Over-eating can be a problem so managing the doggy dish is part of the master’s job. Challenge them by allowing changes in routines.

Names that have a vibration 5: Molly, Bella, Duke, Boomer


This name helps them express their great devotion to the ones they love. Six energy brings in healing energy which makes for a perfect Service Dog. They love praise, recognition, and being in the kitchen underfoot. Very responsible and trustworthy. Home and family is where they are the most happiest. This dog/cat with this name would be very happy in a house with many children around. Not necessarily to play but to watch over the ones they love.

Names that have a vibration 6: Maggie, Tucker, Dixie, Riley, Stella


A seven name brings on the quieter dog. His/Her bed should be in a room away from all the activities so they can go and be alone when they want to. This energy allows them to be trained easily as they sometimes know things before the command goes out. You know those dogs that do tricks where they open doors, gates, refrigerator…they are smart and if bored will figure out complicated tasks, that most dogs could care less about. Sometimes these dogs have health issues that aren’t always easy to diagnosis. Holistic medicine works best.

Names that have a vibration 7: Baxter, Lucy, Goldie


The boss. With this name you dog is sure to work hard earning all your respect. Strong and full of life. They need space outside to run and release energy. There is no demand on humans when the 8 is around. They will take control of their surroundings like when they want to eat, go outside, and when to be petted. If you have other dogs around this more than likely is the Alpha dog in the pack. Make sure everything you do for them is the best of the best as anything less than probably won’t work. Meaning, the best bed to sleep on, the best food, groomed on a regular basis.

Names that have a vibration 8: Rocky, Bear, Sammy


The nine embodies all numbers 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36 3+6=9 This is the “old soul” loving unconditionally. Although nice to everybody, they tend to attach themselves to one member of the family. They are happy when their world has harmony and peace, getting a pat and recognition for the kind loving dog they are. Always ready for a ride but also content to stay home. This is a good dog for an older master – as both take life in a slow and easy pace, grateful for everything around them.

Names that have a vibration 9: Sophie, Cooper, Oliver, Ace

As I was writing this, I keep picturing different breeds in my mind, so I think I will write another blog about the breeds and how the influence of the energy matches what they were bred for. If you have a special breed that you’re interested in learning more about. Please email me at

If you are interested in learning more about how your name and your favorite pets name complement each other I offer a 1 question Email reading for $25.00.


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