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Raising A Well-Adjusted Teenager

In our last few posts, we've been talking about Lily, a pre-teen who will struggle to balance freedom and grounding as she grows. Let's look at how Lily's energy today can help her prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Lily's best friend recently moved away. It was shock. Lily didn't have much warning or time to prepare. She has been struggling to process the loss of her best friend and to move forward in her life without her best friend by her side.

This year is an 11/2 year for Lily, which means she'll experience a major change and new beginning of some sort. She will struggle to process this change and the loss that will come with it. She may perceive it as a trauma.

As this year continues to unfold, around August, something new and some kind of personal spiritual awakening will occur in Lily’s life and will help her reconstruct her life as she knows it.

two teen girls sitting on a couch
With support, Lily can be a well-adjusted teenager

Next year will be a year full of independence, fun, joy, and playfulness for Lily. So helping her positively grow and successfully understand the sensitivities and difficulties brought on by this year will ready her for much happiness next year.

Julia and Lily can continue to deepen their mother-daughter relationship if they remain open and communicative with each other. Through such understanding, Julia can help encourage her daughter’s natural gifts while Lily manages the challenges entering her life.

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