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What Is Personal Day Energy in Numerology?

Are you confused about personal day energy? Are you wondering what it is and how it affects your life?

The short answer is: Personal Day Energy is the “Tone” a day will take.

The long answer involves cake. 

A chocolate cake makes a good analogy for personal energy. We start with a flavor, chocolate (Personal Year) then we add coconut (personal month) or chocolate chips (the next personal month) switching up the essence of the chocolate cake (personal year).

The personal day helps you understand the best way to experience the cake. Ultimately, you're going to eat it, but do you take a big piece or a small piece? Do you take the cake to the birthday party, or wait for the party to come to you?

All of these elements taken together affect your overall enjoyment of the cake.

The best way to learn it is to observe, find another numerology buddy and discuss your observations. But most of all relax and enjoy the process.

It’s so much fun to see how the energy works for us once we start paying a little bit of attention. We don’t make this energy happen, it's there. By observing and learning how it works within our own energy, driving the bus becomes a whole lot easier. You might even find yourself going on journeys you never thought possible. 

If you want to gain a better understanding of how your personal day, month, and year all work together, get your personal year calendar. The personal day energy is marked on each calendar day so you can see what kind of energy is affecting you.


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