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Personal Years 8 & 9: Power and Completions

As we finish reviewing the different Personal Years, we now take a closer look at the 8 and 9 year energies. Both of these energies come into our life to give us one final push towards our own personal transformation before beginning a new 9 year epicycle.

Once more, your Personal Year is Calculated from the Month of Birth + Date of Birth + Current Year = Personal Year. Remember, you can text Sue with birthdate and she will sent you your personal year Number.

The energy of an 8 Personal Year is all about power! It is time to

focus on money, finances, and personal empowerment. This year lays the groundwork before we complete another 9 year cycle. It gives us an opportunity to assess our financial health and connect with our sense of self-empowerment in regards to our relationships, career, and in personal financial arenas. The energy of the 8 has the ability to amplify whatever we focus on. So be mindful of your thoughts! This energy is also resilient. It is the number of the survivor. Expect to be tested and to experience ups and downs throughout the year. But also know, if you embrace all it has to offer, it will help you own your personal power.

Personal Years 8 & 9: Power and Completions

“My reading with Sue helped me accept the financial ups and downs I experienced throughout the year- my car died leaving me in a need of a new one, I had to find a new place to live and I began to question my current job. However, those downs came with a lot of blessings. A relative is letting me borrow a car and a friend has opened their home for me to stay so I can save funds and begin searching for a new job that will bring me more income and happiness.” -Joy

And, as we remember from following Anastasia’s year long journey, a 9 personal year is one of completions, letting go and making room for changes and new beginnings. While it is often described as a “heavy” emotional year, it is a time to look back on all that we’ve accomplished over the last 8 years of our current epicycle while we prepare for a new cycle to begin.

“This was a particularly difficult year, laced with lots of change, upheaval and mixed emotions. Had I not known that I was in a 9 year and that these things were to be expected and were needed in order to clear the way for the next phase of my life, my year would have been far harder than it already was.” -Anastasia

To have your comprehensive Personal Year reading done, schedule a reading today by visiting the website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.


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