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7 Personal Year

Hi Everybody, Personal Year 7 is Spiritual Energy. It wants you to look within evaluating past, present, and future. 7 is known to have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth. Intuition is heighten, as is dreams, Deja vu, and even psychic phenomenons, if you are open to those experiences. This energy needs you to slow down. If you don't respect that it has a tendency to bring in health issues, such as more flu's and cold's to slow you down. Learn to appreciate who you are and what you stand for, on a deeper level. March brings in something new. A new opportunity or event, maybe a new way to look at something or solve an issue that has been bothering you. Look for that spiritual teacher, take a workshop, expand your mind through learning something new.  7 Personal Year: The year of the sabbatical! You’ll feel the need for more solitary, self-reflective time, because you seek a greater understanding of yourself. This needs to be respected, to create a more comfortable year.  It’s a great year to pursue those intellectual interests that perhaps have been on your mind but which you haven’t previously found the time to pursue. Whether you choose to take online workshops, physically return to school, or you simply dust off those books you’ve been meaning to ponder, this is the year to read, study and contemplate. Give yourself the time and space you deserve, to increase spiritual enlightenment and gain personal insight. Your naturally lower energy level encourages you to rest, sleep, and meditate more.  Family and friends might be a little alarmed at your sudden need to spend more time alone, or may fret over your unusually dreamy behavior, so be sure to reassure them that everything’s ok. Remember that the reassurance you give them also reassures you! You’ll feel less different, less lonely. This quiet year allows you to make and understand future plans and goals on a deeper level. It also tends to deliver interesting, unusual experiences which encourage deeper contemplation of things. It encourages you to look beneath the surface of facts, to gain greater understanding. Worrying about everything you “should be doing” will only cause stress, making this an uncomfortable year, so remember to go with the flow and settle into an enjoyment of its naturally slow rhythm. Trying to force issues can create depression. “7th day, day of rest.” The universe provides us the resting energy of the 7 year for its important results. Relax into it and enjoy! The easiest way to find out is by going to my website and using the Personal Year Calculator. Calculator It's fun to figure out the personal years for people we love, this is why I'm sharing information regarding all the energy. When I'm doing a Numerology reading I'm looking at other different parts of the chart that influences the personal year to help you understand how to balance what is going on around you and get the most out of it

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