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6 Personal Year Energy

  I have had a few people contact me and say "why are you sending me all these different personal years, do they mean something to me." Let me explain again. Each calendar year has 9 different energies that I have to address as a Numerologist. You are only in one of those years and it's calculated by adding your month, day, and Universal year which 2020 is a 4. Example: Oct 31 - 10+31+4  Answer 45=9 - we always take the double digit number and add that together to get the single number. This person would be in a 9 Personal Year.   The easiest way to find out is by going to my website and using the Personal Year Calculator. Calculator It's fun to figure out the personal years for people we love, this is why I'm sharing information regarding all the energy. When I'm doing a Numerology reading I'm looking at other different parts of the chart that influences the personal year to help you understand how to balance what is going on around you and get the most out of it.  6 Personal Year: This year highlights the responsibilities and duties of home, family, relationships and career. You’ll be asked to create harmony and balance through service to others. This is the energy that draws in the healing community of doctors, nurses, and energy workers, and it’s inviting you to play that role. There could be someone in your life that you may need to take care of or be an advocate for. Maybe in the past you haven’t always taken care of your own health; this would be a great year for you to change that habit and give yourself some wonderful TLC! You’ll find yourself advising others, to help them gain insight, or it might be you who needs advice. Either way, there’s lots of talking and discussion, which helps to create harmony in situations. The result will be a more whole, loving environment. If relationships are good, they’ll grow stronger, but if the seas are rocky and there’s no compromise, they’ll end.  Make sure that all decisions are based on the good of the whole and that you effectively express your desires. Children and animals play a big role in this energy. It’s important that you accept your tasks with honesty in all endeavors, and with selfless love. This is not a good year to lend money, especially to family members. If you do so, it’s wise to consider it a gift, because it most likely won’t be paid back.  It’s a good career year with a good chance of earning a raise or getting promoted, but expect increased responsibility, as well, so make sure you’re getting what you’re worth. This year revolves around relationships through marriage, divorce, new additions to families, animals, and/or real estate - in short, anything that contains and relates to the word ‘love.’

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