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9 Personal Year Energy

Personal year 9 is the last year in the epicycle. Time to purge and let go. This can be an emotional year but my guidance for anybody in this year is to focus on helping others. 9 is the Humanitarian. This doesn't have to be big, although it can be, but small acts of kindness come back around. Drama can play a part in this year. Let it go, if its mind drama or someone else's. It drains your energy, don't give it that power.  The next year is a 1 year - new beginnings, new opportunities, new interests, new experiences, but if you don't empty out your vessel, you don't have room for new. We all have a tendency to hang on to things to long. Let the energy of this year help you release.   The 9 year has two 1 Personal Months - Jan and Oct. One and Nine together have a tendency to cause a little friction. One is about self, and 9 is about helping others. Just be aware that you will have a much better year if you focus on the later. This is not a year about you - that comes next year in the 1 Personal Year. It's not uncommon to hear from someone in you past and in October this person might help you with future plans.  9 Personal Year: This 9 year is a year of completion, and shouldn’t be confused with failure or sadness.  You are ending a 9-year epicycle. It’s important to let go of what’s no longer needed, in order to make room for new things to arrive next year, in your 1 year. As you read through all the personal years, you’ll see there’s are annual themes about what the energy helps us to gain and learn from. It’s amazingly empowering to have the knowledge and guidance from the energies of the numbers! Whatever you initiated in your 1 personal year 8 years ago should now have manifested, so that you can understand what you’ve gained through all the lessons within this epicycle. The 9 year can be an emotional year, because most of us don’t like change or cleaning out our closets, physically, mentally, or emotionally speaking. Remember, however, that change is important for growth. Realize that the more space you clear allows more new energy to flow into your life, so shout “Hooray!” and dive right in! The keywords are tolerance, compassion and forgiveness. This year’s progression might feel slow, and your head might feel cloudy, unclear and muddled. At times, you might not know which way to turn. Ask the universe for guidance, and listen for it. Your intuition is heightened, so allow that intuitive sense to do its work and help you along. Deep inside, you feel that things are changing, and they truly are. You’ve done a lot of work in the past 8 years. Not everything will need to travel forward with you. 9 is the number of the humanitarian, helping others in unselfish, altruistic ways. That helps you, too, in many ways. Be present for the unfortunate among us; help others through your love and compassion. Endless rewards flow from kind acts or deeds. Don’t start new things this year, but instead, work on letting go.  Anything new that’s begun before October will end prematurely. Release old attitudes and habits. Remember that there’s no need to do this alone! Invite your friends to talk things through with you. Enjoy the arts. Socialize. It could also be a good year to meet somebody from another country.

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