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8 Personal Year Energy

Personal Year 8 wants you to gain momentum in reaching your goals in the material world by being practical, organized and respecting the people around you. Success comes from setting goals and thinking big. Promotions, recognition, financial gain is common, usually coming at the end of the year. The year of the harvest. There can be tests this year. Its important to take care of  past problem, which may be sitting on the back burner, hoping they would just disappear. Stand up to them and find the solution for the goodwill of all. February and November are 1 Personal Months. February needs to be balanced in career and financial area's. Put your best foot forward and don't over react if things aren't going as planned. November your second 1 Personal Month in this year, proves to be more stable.A new opportunity may present itself. Maybe a promotion and financial bonus. October you will need to complete something allowing the Novembers one energy to bring that new piece in. My guidance to you is to focus on those goals, be kind to the people that are helping you, and take advantage of the opportunities that can move you forward.  8 Personal Year: The 8 year provides opportunities and financial success through business and career.  You reap what you have sown, so if you’ve put in the effort during the past 7 years, this will be an exciting year!  Recognition and promotion are in store for you.  You’ll feel “in your power.” Your confidence and ability to take charge are highlighted. The world sees you as who you are and you have the ability to spot who they are, as well. You feel ambitious, creative, and focused. Keep your eye on the goal and stay motivated, or this could shift to losses. Be aware of the fine line between effective, healthy self-confidence and excessive pridefulness, which leads to the inadvertent disrespect of others.  Use good judgment in making any decisions regarding business, home, and property. Well-planned and considered risks can be successfully taken. Decision should be made with facts and figures, not emotions.  Organize things, and be sure to pay attention to the details. If you’re buying a “big-ticket” item, it’s a good year to negotiate the price. You’ll find it’s not always the paycheck that’s most important this year, but the actual way in which you’re achieving your goals.  Be aware of the people around you especially the ones that are helping you towards success.  Guard against judgment of others. Not everyone sees things your way, and remember that, most often, goals can be reached in many different ways. Be patient.   Personal Year Calculator. Calculator It's fun to figure out the personal years for people we love, this is why I'm sharing information regarding all the energy. When I'm doing a Numerology reading I'm looking at other different parts of the chart that influences the personal year to help you understand how to balance what is going on around you and get the most out of it.

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My grandson "Austin" is 7. He got up one morning, eyes still shut heading to the bathroom. Walking past his mom, he said "I'm going to make this the best day ever". OMG seriously. What a lesson for all of us. He set his intention before his eyes were completely open.   It amazes me the folks that put intentions out there and have opportunities put in their laps but don't see them because It's not how they had envisioned it. Do you think Austin had a vision? No he was just going to go with the flow and expected fun. Certainly a learning moment in Gramma's heart.  Give it a shot, tomorrow wake up like Austin and make it the best day ever! Don't let others interfere, you have that choice, its called Free Will. Sue


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