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Mastering Harmony in Personal Year 2

In the 9-year cycle of energy, personal year two is one of the most challenging for many people. This might be a surprise, since personal year two is the year of mastering peace and harmony. Most people don’t think of peace and harmony as difficult things, but achieving them can be a challenge.

2 energy is the lover, the one who wants everybody to get along. As we know, that's sometimes easier said than done. This year is giving you the chance to maneuver through the chaos with grace, kindness, and love. Here's what you can learn from the two personal year.

Using diplomacy, tact, and compassion. Throughout this year you will be in the position to step back, observe, and then use your talents to move things along peacefully. Being aggressive won’t work out this year. It will only cause stress by resisting what 2 energy really wants. When you find yourself in conflict with someone, compromise by using peaceful words, a gentle touch or hug, and then sitting and listening. Remember you don’t know what personal year other people are experiencing, but it’s your job to show them how to remain calm and solve problems in a peaceful way using the 2 energy.

Patience and cooperation go a long way. Delay is a very common part of the 2 energy which challenges your patience. Remember to lean in and understand the energy that surrounds you. Only this will bring you peace. Trust that you’ll get what you need when you need it. The 2 energy gives what was started in the 1 Personal Year a chance to transform itself with the help of the universe. Relax into it, work on the details and observe your surroundings, next year manifestation will happen.

Indecisiveness can be a trap. The 2 year challenges you with seeing both sides to the story. You’ll have a tendency to be overly sensitive or emotional (so you might be looking out for someone else’s feelings). Feeling stuck with not wanting to hurt anybody feelings puts you on that wobble board hoping of trying to make everybody happy. But you’re never going to please everybody, it’s important that you follow your intuition (remember that’s running high). Last but not not least, it’s better to do something than nothing as long as you have good intentions.

Relationships need tending. Relationships come in all forms so take time this year to observe your relationships with others and how you can make them better. Think of the whole picture, what makes them happy versus what makes you happy. Compromise, talk things out, give yourself permission to be honest with how you feel. I once had a counselor tell me that people don’t know unless you tell them, good and bad. That was profound to me at the time because I guess, I just thought people should know. The truth is they don’t. It’s your responsibility to stand up for you. This is the year to reach out and let others know how you feel.

If you’re feeling challenged by the two personal year, Numerology can help you lean into that energy and find your balance. Get your Two Personal Year calendar and join our calendar discussion group for ongoing support.


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