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How to Get Lucky With Number 3

All of us have set out to manifest something we desire in our lives. We might have done it consciously, by making dream boards, writing, drawing or sitting in prayer. Maybe you just had one thought and BAM there is was. You wondered “how in God’s name did that happen?”

People who carry 3 energy or have 3 energy around them manifest easily. Some say they are just plain lucky, but I believe it’s part of the wonderful Three Energy.

3 Energy at Work and Play

When 3 is balanced and working in harmony with the numbers that surround it, it becomes the playful. It loves to socialize, playing with old friends and enthusiastically wanting to meet new friends.

Jumping from one idea to another trying to keep everything fun. Words come naturally, allowing their humor and storytelling to put them in the limelight.

But what gives 3 the power to manifest is the ability to see what they want in their mind’s eye. Their imagination comes in with the ability to create colorful pictures and 3D images. Editing as they play with the ideas within their minds eye. Walt Disney is a perfect example of 3 energy.

How to Manifest

1. Write things down.

2. Visualize your dream. Play with until it becomes 100% what you want.

3. Be Optimistic. Have no doubts that this will come to fruition.

4. Let go, knowing it will come when it’s supposed to.

The 3 energy naturally has all these qualities. Is this your energy? Do you know someone that has this ability? Would you like to find out what you energy does to bring things in and out of your life?

It’s easy go to and sign up for your Numerology Reading.


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