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Getting Practical in Personal Year 4

Personal year four is that time in the 9-year cycle of energy when you’re pulled to focus on practical things. During this time some people might get too focused, or limit themselves out of caution. Here’s how to make the most of your year 4 energy.

1. Build a lasting foundation for your life and family. The 4 year is the year that the universe gives you to pull together the things you have been working on so you stand more solid ground. The 4 wants you to look at all areas of your life, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Having a house built with only 3 solid walls, and one that’s wobbly doesn’t bring in a strong, safe, environment. These all have to be balanced for a solid structure. The 4 will test you in these areas. How do you pass the tests? By directly acknowledging what is being put in front of you and working with it, ignoring it will only bring repeated test.

2. Don’t limit yourself -- you’ll miss opportunities. When 4 is around it tends to want to control and keep things just as is. In this case perfection can be brought forward. I feel bad for the people who have boxed themselves in by striving for perfection all the time. Allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Opportunities will be coming in this year, especially at work, so don’t close your eyes. 4 isn’t a risk taker but in order to fix things sometimes there must be a certain amount of change. The month of June will bring in a new opportunity, experience or beginning.

3. Focus and discipline are keys to success. You will feel this energy pull you to settle down. You also will feel the need to be outside more to help balance the intensity of trying to get everything done. Becoming disorganized will put you in a position of true frustration. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s important to reach out to others for assistance in finishing your projects or helping you to become more efficient with the workload. It’s all about getting the “do to list” out, paying attention to details and realizing slow and steady will win this race. At the end of this year you will look back and better understand the direction your life took with the work that you put in.

4. Strike a balance between work and leisure.

Work comes from all directions. People come out of the woodwork needing your help, demanding your time. Accepting the 4 energy and respecting its need to help you get life in order is necessary but you also need to take time for you, whether that’s a monthly weekend getaway or finding that hobby that allows you to separate work and fun. Don’t forget it’s okay to say no and to delegate when you can.

If you’re feeling restricted or overwhelmed by the demands of personal year 4, numerology can help. Get your Personal Year 4 calendar and join our calendar discussion group for ongoing support.


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