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Mastering Creativity In Personal Year 3

Energy comes in a 9-year cycle. The three personal year is all about manifestation. To make the most of the opportunity this energy presents, you'll need to focus on these challenges.

1. Avoid being too impulsive

3 energy loves to have fun. The upbeat energy goes at full speed to fuel socializing with friends and going out for a good time at any time of the day. No matter how many friends are calling, responsibility still lies in the wings of your life. You can’t ignore that. Doing so will only bring in frustration.

Plan to take a certain amount of time every day to work on responsibilities and then enjoy your fun time. You will be tested by having to many irons in the fires. Be smart by finding a good balance between work and fun.

2. Speak your truths from your heart

3 is about speaking your truths from your heart. This can be an emotional time as not all of us like to dig deep and blatantly express true emotion. The challenge here is to break down those barriers, which you are carry inside, eliminating the fear of criticism, and speak your truths.

If you use your writing or speaking skills the 3 energy heightens and supports you. Be careful though, 3 sometimes causes you to speak out of term. “Open mouth insert foot."When you are tested avoid criticism and sarcasm. Instead, bring your optimism forward and be proud of who are.

3. Believe in yourself and don’t be concerned what others think.

This is the year to step into who you want to be. When I imagine a three, I see them on stage, acting, having fun, enjoying the crowd, dressing up, going out afterwards for the cast party……enjoying life. This is the year to do self-improvement on YOU.

What has been in the back of your mind that brings you the feeling of joy, go for it. Don’t let other persuade you otherwise. Don’t take the hit for the team. Instead, do what feels right for you. Many times it’s your own self-criticism that stands in the way. Be brave, find that friend or circle that will support those changes and allow you to express yourself from your heart.

4. Be careful to avoid depression

All numbers have a balanced and unbalanced side. 3 can bring in self-doubt when sitting in a pile of negativity. Emotions running rampant leave you wishing the world would turn right side up. The gift that was given to us at birth is “free will” allowing you to make your own choices. Use that gift.

Sometimes things get thrown at us which makes us that don't feel like choices, but you can still take action. Action sometimes starts out with the smallest intention until a good result is seen. From there, our actions get bigger and bigger. There is always a way out of a bad situation, by using our universal gift called “free will” and by leaning on family, friends, and professionals.

If you feel uncertain or are questioning which way to turn, Numerology can help validate the true you and bringing in knowledge to situations that might seem impossible. For guidance, get your Three Personal Year calendar and join our calendar discussion group.


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