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Choose Your Wedding Day With Numerology

You're Engaged? Congratulations!

Now its time to plan your perfect perfect wedding day. For many couples, the first real decision they make is the date. But have you thought about what that date would mean? Numerology can help you choose a day that will energetically support your new beginning.

Here's how to calculate the Numerology value of your 2019 wedding date:
month + day+ 3 = Universal Day
Always add double digits together to get a single number (ex. 15=1+5=6)

***Adding 3 only works in 2019. If you want to calculate a date for a different year add together the four digits of that year to get the new number. ex. 2020=2+2=4***

For example: You choose June 24 as your wedding day. That's: 6+2+4+3=15

You get double digits, so you add those together: 1+5=6

So June 24th carries a 6 energy.

1 Day (1, 10, 19, 28) - A beautiful day for a wedding!

Brings in and supports a new beginning. Manifests strength, leadership and courage (which I think any new bride can use on that day), confidence and the ability to solve a problem with quickness and clarity. This day brings in originality allowing you to be yourself.

Colors to be worn on a 1 day: Red, Purple, Orange Copper

2 Day (2, 11, 20, 29) - A memorable day!

There is so much love that pours from you on a two day. Your heart is open and your romantic wedding day that you have dreamed of is finally here. You’re ready for the excitement and passion of love and starting your lifelong commitment. It’s important that you let others do for you. Friends will be there to help and take care of issues if they arise, lean on them. This is your day. Nerves and anxiety might be heightened but as soon as you start to walk down the aisle your dream will be real. Memories are important so make sure you have the best photographer.

Colors to be worn on a 2 Day: White, Black, Gold, Peach Yellow

3 Day (3, 12, 21, 30) - A day for fun-loving couples!

fun, upbeat, playful day. You will find yourself so happy being around family and friends. Wait until the next day to start your honeymoon, because tonight you'll be the life of the party and won't want to leave. Optimism is key and your smile shows that. Your photos will be beautiful. Be prepared that your energy will probably be a bit scattered so let your bridesmaids take charge when necessary.

Colors to be worn on a 3 Day: Red, Rose, Amber, Forest Green, Gold

4 Day (4, 13, 22, 31) - A perfectly planned occasion!