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Achieve Success in The One Personal Year

We experience energy in cycles. If you're in the one personal year, you're at the beginning of a new 9-year cycle. This brings both challenges and opportunities. Here's how to achieve success in the one personal year.

Learn stand on your own two feet

This is not a year to lean on others. You will need to make decisions based on your own personal preferences. Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

This is the year you set things in motion. If you choose to do nothing, you will likely repeat the last 9 years, to a certain degree. Is that wrong? Not at all that’s your choice – it’s called Free Will. But it’s hard for me to believe there isn’t a few things in your life that you would like to make a change on.

So, set your goals, dream big, and focus on where you want to be in 9 years.

Challenge yourself to enjoy change

New beginnings come with change. Allow change to take you on a new journey. Growth starts with feeling discomfort. Lean into it. The energy of One brings in courage, bravery and strength. Use it to your advantage.

Now should you be impulsive and do whatever you want? Not at all. But calculated risks can work to your advantage, and you are very much supported in this year. New job, career, home, relationship. It’s yours by stepping outside the box, being original, and allowing yourself to be happy with who you are.

Personal year one energy really is #1

With that being said, this challenge can bring in two different experiences, and you may feel both of them during this 1 Personal Year.

1. Watch your self-esteem don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. Pull your shoulders back, be confident, and know that your opinion matters. Rely on the strength that one energy brings in.

2. Rein in aggression. When there is too much one energy going on aggressive behavior becomes an issue. Remember the one energy’s goal is to be #1, but pushing everybody away to get what you want won't the results you're looking for. Recognize this behavior before it gets out of control, rein it in and allow yourself to space to think.

Master the self

This is the year you are asked to be your original self, standing in your power and making changes based on who and where you want to be in 9 years.

Now, maybe you're happy right where you are and there's no need for change. If so, I applaud you! I’m sure a lot of folks are wondering how the heck you got to that place.

Remember growth never stops, life is in constant motion and our 9 year epicycles help our final mission to become the person that understands and practices unconditional love without question.

Just having this knowledge should make you feel a little more comfortable with the one Personal Year. For even more guidance, get your One Personal Year calendar and join our calendar discussion group.


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