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5 Personal Year Energy

The 5 Personal Year brings in change - without change there is little growth. 5 is a very fast paced year and the only way to enjoy it is to lean into it, be flexible and don't stop moving.  Not sure what Personal Year you are going into? Add together your Month, Day, and Universal Year 202 which is (4) or use my calculator. It's always fun to figure out someone else's Personal Year too.  5 Personal Year: This year ushers in a sense of freedom, relieving you from the seriousness of last year. It’s an exciting, pivotal year, allowing change to roll in - whether it’s through a decision you’ve made or through some unexpected surprise. It promises variety and expansion. You’ll find that some decisions may have to be made quickly, so be wise and use good judgment. Use your head: no impulsive reactions! Travel could be on the agenda. It will be an interesting year if you allow yourself to be flexible. Feel free to allow the different circumstances to kindle new interests. Allow yourself to release some of those old conditions that now are not as functional as they once were. You may find yourself surrounded by an air of uncertainty that causes some restlessness. Keep yourself active and use your words to express how you’re feeling. Define your goals. Think outside of the box so you can make those necessary adjustments for improvement. This isn’t a year to keep things under wrap! Stand in the spotlight a bit while you promote yourself and your ideas. Guard against impatience with those around you. Harboring resentments and engaging in arguments may cause irreversible negative feelings and harm. Maintain balance and employ self-control regarding food, alcohol and romance. Over-indulgence is far too easy in 5 energy, so remember that a little goes a long way! Keep your future in mind. If you find yourself confused with all the activity surrounding you, remember that life is in constant motion. Leaning into it delivers rewards, but if you choose to make no changes, then nothing changes! The choice is yours.

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