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4 Personal Year Energy

Hi Everybody, 4 energy is all about getting all the loose ends that are still a float from the last 3 years, into a solid structure. This year is all about work, work, work. Nose to the grindstone with discipline allowing you to solidify your goals and dreams. An unbalanced 4 will show stubbornness having the inability to remain flexible when change is needed. The need to control situations take away from the growth of your dreams. Frustration from feeling limited and restrictive is not unusual so get outside into nature and allow yourself to feel the vastness of nature.      4 Personal Year: You find yourself more grounded this year, desiring the stability that will help you complete projects or jobs that might have gotten lost in last year’s merriment. After last year’s more playful, less responsible focus, 4 energy draws you back into balance by causing you to address life in a much more practical way. Focus and discipline set you up for a year to show others that you are more than capable of taking on bigger projects. Allow this energy to help you get your physical and mental house in order. You need to be aware that sometimes this energy has a tendency to make you feel limited. Remember: you need 4 walls to build a solid home, so use those 4 walls to help you build the structure for a solid foundation.  You organize things in this energy, which allows you to see details that otherwise might have been missed. Home projects come to the forefront, and you make solid progress with their completion.  If you are looking to rent, buy or sell any real estate, this is the year to do it. In-laws can arrive in your life during this time. Watch your health: lots of work with no play to balance it out causes stress. Remember that balance is important to stay healthy. Getting outdoors in nature can help with that. Don’t neglect work, though. You might not think others notice what you’re doing, but toward the end of the year there’s potential for recognition and/or promotion.

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Go to Healing Numbers Personal Year Calculator to find out what Personal Year you are in or even somebody else's. Sometimes we see the energy better when we are watching others.


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