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3 Personal Year Energy

Hi Everybody, As all you know 3 energy took time for me to understand. Basically it wants you to dig deep into your heart and speak your truths. Doing this brings in the support team....our friends. Sometimes our friends are the cause of the emotions being teachers for us. It's important to try to find the child within and have fun. Travel, have spontaneous adventures, and seek what is important for you emotionally. As Stacey pointed out in the Podcast "Numbers Speak" maybe words come to you easier in another form, such as writing, painting, learning some healing energy work. If you can stay on the balanced side of 3 it will bring in optimism, playfulness, and a creative journey meeting new friends and having old friends come back around. Unbalanced: you can become self-centered, moody, critical, unforgiving, impulsive. If your uncomfortable, your unbalanced. A Numerology Reading can help guide you by looking at your core energy (the energy that makes you who you are) and figuring out the right way to maneuver through a "happy, social year"!     3 Personal Year: This is the year for personal growth through creative expression. Take all those ideas percolating in your mind and start putting some action with them. You feel very optimistic, which makes you charismatic. Use this free-spirited attitude to meet new people and rekindle old friendships. There might be a need to let go of some of those friendships that are holding you back. Your words seem to flow fluently, but be careful not to engage the “open mouth, insert foot syndrome;” sometimes you might say too much! Responsibilities seem to slip by you because being social and having fun without pressure seems to be your main focus. Be careful not to allow important decisions to slip away, unaddressed.  You might find yourself out “front and center” with public speaking, writing a book, or playing a role in your local theater group.  You’re important this year, so you may wish to change your self-image through a new haircut, weight loss or gain, or a new wardrobe; all those things might be part of the fun. Past emotions and memories can show up in the forefront once again. Engage with those feelings and reach out to that understanding friend, so you can use your words to express your inner truths. Freedom comes from releasing what’s no longer a part of your life. Guard against over-spending; this is a number that has full potential to make money, but it also loves to spend it. By the end of this whirlwind year, you might find yourself wondering where it all went!  Lucky breaks are a hallmark of this year. Have fun and let that inner child come out to play! Find out more by listening to my podcast “Numbers Speak”.

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Go to Healing Numbers Personal Year Calculator to find out what Personal Year you are in or even somebody else's. Sometimes we see the energy better when we are watching others.



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