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2 Personal Year Energy

Hi Everybody, Now it’s time to learn more about the individual energy that surrounds you on a yearly basis. As you will learn in "Numbers Speak" podcast, it's not always as black and white as this description shows, but it will certainly point you in the right direction. There are many influences that I look at in a chart helping to understand how the up and coming year will play out for each individual I read for. October, November, and December is slowly bringing in 2020 energy. Are you looking at life in a little different way?   2 Personal Year: This year, the magic happens “under the soil.” This energy invites you to be patient and allow yourself to lean on others when needed. Success comes from being cooperative, compromising and diplomatic.  Strengthen all relationships and develop new ones, too. You might find yourself in a position where you need to lean on somebody, or perhaps somebody will lean on you for advice. Your ability to see both sides of the story allows you to give good, sound advice. Your personal energy is lower this year, so respect that. It’s not a good year to run a marathon!  You’ll find yourself paying more attention to details as you feel the need to organize areas in your life materially and emotionally. The new ideas and plans that hatched last year need to be better organized, so take the time to review, and keep your eyes open for the people who will enter your life to help you develop your plan.  Intuitions and dreams are heightened so pay attention; don’t ignore those gut feelings or intense dreams.  Go to Healing Numbers Personal Year Calculator to find out what year you are in or even somebody else's Personal Year. Find out more by listening to my podcast “Numbers Speak

Podcast can be found on my website or Google Podcasts, PocketCasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, Anchor Numbers Speak Podcast - Listen to in: United States, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, British Columbia.


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