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Your Child's Birth date

Question: What information can you give me with just my daughter's birth date: 5/24/2008?

Your daughter has a very uplifting personality. Friends love being around her, listening to her jokes and having fun. She likes being the center of attention and is good with her words. If she doesn’t have a crowd around her, I suspect her phone is always in use. I would suggest that she become involved in something like a theater group, something that puts her out in front of people allowing herself to use her words. Let her dress that part as her wardrobe is just as flamboyant as her personality. She also is very creative artistically and needs an outlet for those talents. Her extracurricular activities need to be fun without much routine, allowing her freedom to play.

Your Child's Birth date

It’s very important to allow your daughter to express herself and to understand that this energy is connected to her inner child and will always be there if allowed to be. If she is held back she could become emotionally withdrawn and very sad. Her energy has a tendency to be scattered. As a parent, it’s important to guide her in understanding that a little discipline and follow through doesn’t take away from her having fun, but can allow her to have more focused fun.

We all have 4 challenges that we have come to work on in different times of our lives. Your daughter is learning more about confidence, building her self-esteem, which needs to be watched as she can be her own worst critic. With this challenge I would reintegrate the importance of getting her into a class that allows her to be herself and helps her to learn to step outside the box in a comfortable and fun way. Dancing, music lessons, singing. It really should be in a group setting. Inside she is an emotional person; cover up can be her playfulness. Every now and again she needs that safety valve to be released, allowing all her pent-up negative emotion to be gone. Once it’s release, everybody around her is usually shell-shocked, but she’s over it. Let it go. This is how she deals with her emotions.

Your daughter is a very loving person, who takes on responsibilities for her family and friends. She likes to take care for people. Our nurses and doctors have this energy. Animals are important to her, hopefully she has a pet. When she makes a friend, it’s a friend for life!

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