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Exploring the Power of Numerology by Learning More About Your Personal Year Numbers

Life's Cycles

Seasons, animal migration patterns, women's menstrual cycles, the Earth's rotation around the Sun, tides, etc., are all predictable cycles in the universe. The predictable nature of these cycles is what allows for familiarity and comfort. Almost everything will use numbers to calculate these cycles. These predictions are all based on years of observed patterns and the law of physics. This also includes Numerology - The study of numbers. Personal Year energy is part of your life cycle. Numerology offers guidance and direction and helps you navigate the challenges and uncertainties in your life. It offers predictability and order, providing clarity, purpose, and understanding of one's place within the universe's grand order.

In Numerology, I believe everyone experiences 9-year cycles throughout life, and If lucky enough, we could experience 10 of these cycles, from the number 1 personal year that symbolizes beginnings, initiative, and action to the number 9 year that signifies completion and fulfillment. The year's essence is captured by a single number - the Personal Year number. It's based on your birth date and the current year and reveals the theme or main lesson for that year.

Take your birth month, day of birth, and the current or upcoming year, and add them together. EXAMPLE: June 13, the Universal year 2024 is 8 ( 2+0+2+4) 6+1+3+8= 18. Take 18 and add 1+8=9. In this case, the personal year number for 2024 is 9. The nine-personal year represents clearing and letting go of what no longer serves you. It's the number of unconditional love and forgiveness. You will be asked to clean your closets physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Nine personal year is the ending of a cycle.

Here is a brief overview of each Personal Year number:

1 Personal Year: This year is all about new beginnings and initiatives. It's the perfect time to start something new or to pursue your passions.

2 Personal Year: This year encourages collaboration and partnerships. It's a time to cultivate patience and attention to detail.

3 Personal Year: This year brings creativity, joy, and social connection. You're encouraged to express your thoughts and feelings and enjoy your experiences.

4 Personal Year: This year is about stability and foundations. It calls you to work hard and create order, prioritizing your long-term goals.

5 Personal Year: This is a year of change and freedom. It urges you to be adaptable, to learn and experience as much as possible.

6 Personal Year: This is a year focused on responsibility and relationships. It asks you to nurture your personal and professional relationships.

7 Personal Year: This year is about reflection and inner growth. It invites you to spend time alone, meditate, study, or engage in self-development.

8 Personal Year: This year is about abundance and power. It offers the opportunity to achieve success and gain material wealth.

9 Personal Year: This is the year of completion and fulfillment. It is time to let go of the old and make way for the new, preparing you for the next cycle.

Once you know your Personal Year number, you can align your activities, choices, and decisions with its energy, tapping into its potential and flow. When you are in tune with the natural cycles of your life, you have a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences, which helps you to move forward with greater clarity, confidence, and effectiveness. It also helps you to anticipate potential challenges and make the most of the opportunities that may come your way. So, know your Personal Year number and navigate your life journey wisely and courageously!

Understand it even more deeply by getting your Personal Year Reading, which includes monthly and weekly energies.


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