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From Lost to Found: Self-Awareness Through Numerology in Relationships

A married couple who once was deeply in love now lives apart, unable to be happy, even though all the prominent positions in the chart looked right.

According to the major positions of their numerology chart, another married couple living together had little in common, but they still worked together, planned together, and enjoyed life thoroughly.

These differences are recognized in another part of the Numerology chart called the

"Planes of Expression."

What is the Planes of Expression

As a Numerologist, I can better understand where your strengths lie by looking closer at the letters in your name. This chart component is useful in examining one's disposition and mindset toward tackling life's obstacles, interacting with others, and adapting to diverse circumstances. How do you respond when faced with life's challenges? Do you approach the situation analytically, emotionally, spiritually, or with your egos firmly rooted?

Each Plane exhibits a unique way of processing information, none of which is deemed incorrect. Your energy might sit on the emotional plane, and you may ponder why your emotions are not acknowledged as much as you desire. However, this could be attributed to your partner, friend, or colleague's preferred method of processing information on the mental plane. Even perplexing moments can be deciphered through numerical analysis, alleviating any of those moments of - "I just don't understand."

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Are you even more curious? To understand what the four planes mean, see a Sample Planes of Expression Report on Taylor Swift.

The Four Planes

The Physical Plane 

This plane is guided by instinct and focuses on tangible and factual things, lacking imagination and frivolousness. It relies on common sense and doesn't delve into the abstract.

The Mental Plane 

People who use reason and evidence to understand scientific principles are called rational. They have a good understanding of their knowledge and can support their claims. However, they ignore emotions.

The Emotional Plane 

Love, companionship, and creativity flourish in the realm of the heart and feeling. It goes beyond rational thought and relies on cleverness and skill to overcome life's challenges. It is a world of boundless imagination, constantly seeking new ideas, dreams, and beauty.

The Spiritual Realm

The intuitive plane is a realm beyond the physical world that connects to a higher power. Intuition, our inner wisdom, guides us in life and is often perceived as emotional and unexplainable. They are not just humans but creations of a divine force.

People have four responses to life - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These responses determine how they react to life's challenges. Balancing these levels of existence leads to success or failure. These planes of expression represent the different ways humans navigate life.

You can get your report or order one for someone special to discover how the different planes work in your life for $12.00 in PDF format.


Sample Report

Taylor Swift Planes of Expression
Download PDF • 111KB


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