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Are you a little uneasy in your home?🏠 Your house number could be to blame.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

🤔Find out how house number numerology can shed light on your home's energy. 🔮

By understanding the numerology of your house number, you can tap into its energy and make positive changes to improve your living space. Whether you're looking to attract abundance, create a harmonious environment, or boost your career prospects, house number numerology can help. Calculating the address determines the vibrations within the four walls.

I recently helped a friend who moved to Arizona and felt that her home was causing problems in her relationships, work, and family. She kept saying, “It just doesn’t feel right.” After examining the numbers on her house and adding them up, we found that the vibration was an 11/2, which can be challenging due to its higher vibration. This 11/2 can cause chaos, paranormal behavior, and anxiety if the occupants' energy does not match. To help her resolve the issue, I looked at all the charts, discussed her desired atmosphere within the house, and suggested that she add the number 5 to the back of her mailbox. Within two weeks, she noticed a significant difference as things settled down. Even her spouse appeared more relaxed, and her business became more productive. Therefore, paying attention to all the numbers within our homes and their impact on our lives is essential.

Numerology suggests that your home address is far more than just a sequence of numbers. Take your home address and combine the numbers. 8+6+1 = 15 (always take the double digits and add them together to get that single number) 1+5=6 Six is the vibration of this home.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit my reading page to schedule a 60-minute review session where we can delve deeper into your needs. During this time, we can analyze charts, discuss your desired outcomes, and allow me to offer guidance and support.

Revised 10/17/23

Number descriptions for home addresses.

Home #1:

In Numerology, the number 1 carries qualities such as independence, leadership, and innovation. A home with this number is ideal for those who work remotely or those embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, it is a great choice for those who wish to assert their originality. However, one of the downsides associated with this number is the potential for excessive isolation because "1" likes to be alone. Don't lock yourself up in your creative projects to avoid falling prey to this. Spending time outside the home is important, taking in new experiences and enjoying life. However, it is important to remember that living in such a property may lead to self-centeredness and an inflated sense of importance.

Home #2

The number 2 is a highly sentimental and sensitive digit, constantly seeking balance and tranquility. Properties marked with this number are particularly suitable for families starting anew, as they help create an environment that exudes affection and peacefulness. Nonetheless, this energy can heighten emotions, resulting in feeling overwhelmed by one's own feelings. Therefore, it can be difficult to maintain assertiveness and independence in the face of this challenge.

Home #3

The number 3 has a highly sociable personality, making it suitable for networking, romantic endeavors, and social interactions. This attribute also makes homes governed by this number fun and lively. However, challenges are associated with the number 3, including the tendency to be disorganized and scattered. When living in such a home, one can benefit from the stimulation of creativity, leading to a sense of fulfillment. However, it is crucial to avoid going overboard with extravagance.

Home #4

Number 4 is often seen as the adult among numbers, representing practicality and stability. It exudes a disciplined and structured nature that can be perceived easily, whereas being impulsive or spontaneous is not its forte. These attributes make properties bearing this number an excellent investment or an ideal home for those planning to stay for a lifetime. However, despite its virtues, the number 4 has its challenges. It does not have flexibility and is not a fan of changes. Thus, adding a touch of spontaneity now and then could be beneficial. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is okay.

Home #5

Number 5 homes radiate with an energetic vibe that craves socializing, adventuring, and meeting as many people as possible. It's all about savoring every moment of life to the fullest. These homes transform easily into festive havens that attract many people who love to revel in its ambiance. Inhabitants of number 5 homes are drawn to experiencing variety and excitement. Change is a constant feature of this environment. Despite its charm, a number 5 home may not be suitable for those seeking to settle down and raise a family. It's usually a temporary abode unless it aligns with your energy.

Home #6

With its compassionate and caring energy, the number 6 home is welcoming for family and friends alike. Its harmonious and loving nature fosters a warm, nurturing environment for raising children and pets. The outside will flourish with flowers and beautiful plants. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls of this energy. It can be all too easy to fall into patterns of self-sacrifice and co-dependency, which can drain your own energy reserves. Nevertheless, this energy can also bless your personal and professional life with proper attention and balance. Consider setting up a home business or bringing your work to this comforting and inviting space.

Home #7

A home with "7" brings in a sense of quietness, introspection, and wisdom. Such a home is ideal for those who cherish moments of solitude and wish to devote their time to introspection and spiritual practices like reading, studying, research, and meditation. By inhabiting a "7" home, one can allow oneself ample time for self-reflection and may also find it conducive to homeschooling or spiritual pursuits. Holistic practices, spiritual centers, or places of worship should contain the 7 in the address. However, the flip side of dwelling in a "7" home is that it may not be suitable for entertaining guests, potentially leading to feelings of isolation.

Home #8

The number 8 is commonly associated with prosperity and abundance, as it is believed to promote achieving goals and manifesting dreams with its high-energy and high-growth characteristics. This makes it a favorable home number for entrepreneurs and individuals hosting business associates. However, it's important to note that while there may be significant victories, there may also be considerable setbacks due to the all-or-nothing nature of the number 8. Achieving success with the number 8 requires avoiding the temptation of greed and always remembering those who have aided you in your journey.

Home #9

The number 9 is associated with a spirit of service that welcomes everyone into its home. This place attracts those seeking guidance or support. This energy supports artists, writers, and spiritual teachers. However, the number 9 can also bring challenges, as it teaches us the lessons of unconditional love, forgiveness, and letting go of the dramas that play out in our lives. In this home, it is important to establish clear boundaries and an agreement to take care of each other, as the number 9 inspires compassion. The message in this house would be, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


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