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The Pondering P

Stacey: Hello, Sue! We have had a request to learn more about the letter “P”. Could you tell us more about its energy?

Sue: Hello again! Absolutely.  The letter “P” is the 16thletter in the alphabet giving it the vibration of the number 7.

In her book, The Secret Science of Numerology, Shirley Blackwell Lawrence writes, “The letter ‘P’ is a circle on a line, the head on the self, so it is an intellectual vibration, has mental curiosity, and is good at concentration. But it also indicates a bent toward being opinionated and stubborn. P can be either very spiritual or agnostic or atheistic with a closed mind.” With so much going on in its head, P’s can be a little over bearing; pushing their opinions on others. Standing on one foot and being top heavy, P’s tend to over think things rarely allowing anything to be set in stone.

The Pondering P

When I meet somebody whose name starts with the letter “P,” I would know that this person has a very strong character; capable of accomplishing any task once their mind is set. Their mind is their greatest asset. P’s sometimes hold themselves back because of their need for perfection. It can be hard to get to know them as they don’t often indulge in talking about themselves or engage in idle chit chat. They enjoy their intellect and only want to talk about subjects that are most familiar to them. If you try to push a P around, they will push back verbally. Rest and Meditation are very important for them.

Stacey: As always, very interesting, Sue.  Can you share more insight with us by reading the names Patricia and Paul?

Sue: Sure, I would be happy to.  Patricia loves to travel and seek out adventure especially to places like museums, theaters, or art shows. Being outside is pleasurable to her. She is very curious and want to learn as much as she can about everything. Patricia has the ability to see the beauty in her surroundings more so than others. She has a big heart that desires peace and harmony. She has heightened communication skills that come with a flair for sarcastic humor, sometimes saying a little more than necessary. She must be careful not to over-indulge with food, alcohol, technology, etc. as feeding the 6 physical senses is most likely heightened for her as well.

Paul, on the other hand, while also adventurous, his escapades tend to be a little more calculated than and not as spontaneous as Patricia’s. Paul is not a risk taker. A lot of his learning is done through life experiences; he can remember even the smallest details. Independent in nature and full of energy, Paul wants things done his way. He is the leader of the pack. Any types of outside activities are enjoyable to him as he feels closely connected to mother earth. Paul needs to be careful that he doesn’t limit himself so much that he misses out on opportunities. He is the practical one that loves to have fun.

Stacey: Thanks, Sue! I don’t know many people with the P cornerstone, but as I reflect on the few that have crossed my path, I would say this is all very accurate. Every P I have met has been a quiet intellect who loves nature and exploring!

Sue: That’s great. Thank you, Stacey. I look forward to exploring a new letter together next time.

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