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"OLD SOULS": The Master Builder, 22/4

Stacey: Hello, Sue! We have received great feedback from readers about last week’s Master Number 11/2 blog. They are excited to learn more about the next Master Number, 22/4. What insight can you give us about the 22/4 energy?

Sue: That’s wonderful. I am so glad readers enjoyed our first look at “old soul” energy through the Master Number 11/2.

Master Number 22/4 which is also represented by the letter “V” is considered to be the Master Builder/Architect. Carrying the 22/4 energy, again is considered an “old soul.” Once again, for me, “old soul” energy tells me that you have lived many lives before this incarnation bringing in knowledge and wisdom to help others. Your vibration is higher than most allowing you to be more connected to the spiritual realm.  Your soul has a knowing and understanding that is different, which can often make you feel like you don’t belong. This is not necessarily an easier life as you have come to “master” the Master Number. This often means your path is bringing in experiences that are a little harder to overcome, but necessary in order to understand life better and to complete your mission to help other souls grow.    For 22/4’s, your desire is to maintain order, systems, and clear knowledge of facts and practical demands. Your desire is to master business; to analyze and develop the highest form of service to mankind. Your ability to maintain a clear focus allows you to concentrate well, thus producing results on a worldwide scale.

Remember, as stated in the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology” written by Kay Lagerquist PhD & Lisa Lenard,  “Numerologist believe that, if you have a Master Number, you’ve made a kind of contract (back when you were still in spirit form) to come back and help humankind in this lifetime.  All of the Master Numbers have volunteered to come back to assist the world in moving to a higher vibration; doing so because they want to learn more at the soul level.."

"OLD SOULS": The Master Builder, 22/4

Stacey: So interesting, Sue! Once again, how can one find out if he/she carries the Master 22/4 energy and what can you tell us about their nature?

Sue: First, I strongly encourage a personal Numerology reading, which will show us energy that can validate if someone is an “old soul.”  If you suspect you carry a Master Number, it would be to your advantage to find out what the other energies are in your chart to help you understand your ultimate goal. A lot of times when I interrupt a chart for a client with a Master Number, he/she already knows and just needs some validation and direction.

22/4’s, if Mastered, can become highly successful individuals as they have the ability to ground themselves (4) and focus on their mission, which can bring in success on a grander scale.  Let’s first look at the two 2’s that make up the 22/4’s characteristics bring in intuition and sensitivity. With the ability to see both sides of the story, this allows the 2’s to become wonderful mediators that can solve problems and keep peace and harmony in the environment that surrounds them and others. Mastering self-confidence and not worrying what others think is important, as self-doubt will only hold them back. 2’s are considered powerhouses behind the scene, even though they tend to be quiet and reserved. 22/4’s are the ones that everybody turns to as they give love, encouragement and support.  4 energy is happiest when it is building the foundation to a more stable, secure life. It understands that slow and steady wins the race and perseveres even when times are tough. Chaos to them is fun as they have the ability to pull it all together and create a plan.

What is their mission?  22/4’s are here to help build a tangible foundation that helps humanity on a grander scale. An average person thinks, “Wouldn’t it be nice to build a house to help someone experiencing hardship?” However, the 22/4 thinks, “Let’s start a project like Habit for Humanity and help multiple people around the world.”  The 11/2 dreams, whereas the 22/4 is the leader, thinking big and building big. Their ideas and ability to get the project developed is what the 22/4 is all about. They are persistent, preserve, and don’t give up. A lot of times their accomplishments are felt long after their death, leaving a lasting impression on all of us. The 2 energy, if not balanced, can use manipulation and dishonest tactics to get what they need/want, However, the 4 will always get caught as the law upholds their entire being, so the 22/4 must hold itself with integrity; living and working honestly at all cost. Health can be an issue for the 22/4 as their sensitivity is very high.  Balance between work and play is critical for their overall well-being. Getting outside into nature is the best medicine for the 4 energy.

Two examples of famous people who have energy of the 22/4 in their charts are Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey.

Stacey: Thank you, Sue. That’s really fascinating.  As an individual with a Life path number of the 4, I can definitely validate my desire to seek solid foundations. I am drawn to causes that seek justice and truth-seekers. Nature and being by the water help balance me whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, or in need of balance. So cool!

For those following your blog, what Master Number can we look forward to discussing next week?

Sue:  Wonderful, I love the validation. If any of my readers are curious, feel free to text me your birthdate and I will text you back giving you your own personal life path number. If you sense you are carrying a master number, I encourage you to visit my website to make an appointment for an in-depth personal reading today! Were you born on the 22, does you name start with the letter “v”? I want to thank all the readers that text me their birthdates looking to find out if they carry a Master Number in their Lifepath.

Next week we will discuss the Master Number 33/6 – The Master Healer/Therapist


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