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September Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is? 2021 Personal Year Calculator

You will notice that September matches your Personal Year energy. Sometimes this will intensive the characteristics of the energy itself. It works with your core energy (the energy that makes you who you are) and energy in the pinnacles and challenges. If you don't know or remember your numbers maybe it's time to follow up with a reading.

Personal Year 1 would make September:

1 Personal Month

1 + 1 = Strong, “go get ‘er done” energy. The trick here is to slow down and look back at what you should be proud of and what you’ve accomplished so far. This year has been very fast-paced with a sense of newness in the air. Your enthusiasm for life in general hasn’t gone unnoticed by others. If you’ve started a project and need to tie up some loose ends, embrace as much patience as possible for yourself and for those around you. Think things through; being too impulsive because you just plain want it to be done may well back-fire! There’s a tendency in this energy to want to move too quickly or too aggressively. Be kind to those who are trying to help. This year’s been an effective teaching tool for how to stand in your own power. Its energy wants to teach you courage, confidence and the ability to think outside of the box. And for many, this hasn’t been an easy year.

Personal Year 2 would make September:

11/2 Personal Month

2 + 2 = Patience. This year’s teaching is about the need to step back and observe. This test came in the guise of helping you to learn how to be more diplomatic and patient. This month carries with it a heightened sensitivity, so feelings and emotions are all over the place, causing uneasiness. It’s important to make sure you really understand what others are saying, because feelings could easily get hurt. Intuition, dreams, and gut feelings are speaking to you, so remember to TRUST and LISTEN! You might even be picking up on things that others aren’t. Share your observations with your loved ones. 2 energy is notorious for slowing things down. What you started last month might not proceed as quickly as you’d like. Again, patience, cooperation, and acceptance of this energy will help. Relationships and friends are in the forefront. Enjoy the company they provide. If there’s an issue that needs to be sorted out, next month will be a better time to express yourself. The best way to handle this energy is to find that peaceful place that allows you to find balance and let it support harmony for you.

Personal Year 3 would make September:

3 Personal Month

3 + 3 = Self Realization. The 3 year has been asking for you to embrace the challenges within, allowing yourself to be who you want to be. It’s been fun, emotional, creative and inspiring, with a few feelings of being out of sorts tossed into the mix. This is the month for optimism and playfulness. Your goals, your opportunities, and your dreams can come to fruition this month. It’s your friends who believe in you who will help. Use your creativity, especially your words, to display your optimism and your belief in who you are. Promote yourself, get out and meet those people, and have fun. Make face-to-face contact. The importance of this will not go unrecognized. It’s important to stand up for what you believe in, and to release self-doubt. If someone around you is putting a damper on your dreams, walk away. Don’t let them have control, even if it’s emotional. This is your month to shine. This can be a lucky month, bringing into your life a lucky break. Staying grounded can be hard because 3 likes to play. Allow yourself some freedom but don’t walk away from what needs to be accomplished. Skipping out on responsibilities will back-fire next month. Watch your wallet, because impulsive spending could cause issues.

Year 4 would make September:

4 Personal Month

4 + 4 = Work. The 4 year has asked you to get organized. Everything that’s been lying around in need of order has received the attention it required, because you saw to it. It wants you to be honest with yourself and others. In the 4 Personal Month this just ramps up a bit more, including in the realms of business, home, family and health. With that being said, you’ve worked very hard this year, so be sure to take care of your health this month. Eat right and get plenty of rest. 4 can make you feel restricted and limited. It’s serious energy! You feel like getting all those loose ends together and structuring them into a more organized, solid base. There might be a ton of little details, with small tedious jobs that require your attention, and that could provide some boredom. Effort = Reward. Discipline, Discipline! Stick with it and keep your eyes open because, as Numerologist Hans Decoz would say, “Six months or a year from now, you will look back at this month and realize that in some way, it represented a turning point on your path to success.” Slow and steady wins the race. Next month the energy starts to switch up for you, and you’ll welcome a wonderful feeling of freedom.

Personal Year 5 would make September:

5 Personal Month

5 + 5 = Change. The 5 year has been nudging you to make changes in many different areas. Its main goal is expansion. If you’ve embraced the changes and allowed variety into your life, you’re now spreading your wings and enjoying the different avenues that have opened for you. It’s been an interesting year with lots of movement - some of which you’ve produced, and some that appeared unexpectedly. The 5 month can act like a rolling stone if you don’t pay attention, because there are many activities surrounding you. You might even have trouble deciding which way to turn, so choose to go with the flow. Swimming upstream will make this a very uncomfortable month if you try to hold back. This is a great month for an adventure, whether that’s taking a weekend trip, visiting family, or traveling for work. Delegate some responsibilities so you can have some time for fun. If something unexpected arises, take a risk and feel free to make a quick decision. The problem with 5 is sometimes you end up with too many irons in the fire, which can then frustrate you to the point where you simply walk away. It’s a juggling act this month! Have fun, pay attention to the unexpected, and delegate responsibilities. Recognize the need to feed your physical senses with food, alcohol or romance. Moderation is key!

Personal Year 6 would make September:

6 Personal Month

6 + 6 = Responsibilities with family and friends. 6 is the number of selfless services to others. This year you’ve seen the need to help others. Responsibilities to others lie on the shoulders of 6. As a matter of fact, people have probably been coming out of the woodwork asking for your help, not only at home but also at work. Relationships come in all forms; some have developed nicely, while others have moved on. In this month you should look back at the year and realize how much you’ve grown in better understanding the people you love. The energy around you now is showing you that giving is so much more important than receiving. If you feel resentment or anger toward others, then you’re missing what this energy’s been trying to teach you. This is the month to let go of those feelings and realize that everybody is on their own journey. If you’re experiencing any health issues, big or small, make sure you get them checked out, and don’t put them on the back burner. Expect family to be around with family reunions, a new birth, wedding, vacation or separation, divorces, love affairs, etc. It’s all about relationships. Any relationship issues, good or bad, will touch your life this month. They can pull you together or move you apart. Remember that we can choose who we think of as family; it’s not only traditional relatives who feel the effects of this energy. The best advice I have for you is to love yourself every bit as much as you love others.

Personal Year 7 would make September:

7 Personal Month

7 + 7 = Taking time for self-reflection. This year has asked you to slow down and be more aware of what’s going on around you with regard to how you want to improve your life. Allow yourself this month to question things on a deeper level. People might challenge you but accept that challenge quietly to figure out how to make it right, because in November you’ll be given the opportunity to let go of what’s not serving you. A surprise or something hidden may be revealed. This is the month where spiritual teachers can show up. Embrace learning a new subject. Pick up that book that you keep walking by, and take the time to read it, now. This definitely is not a month to start a new physical activity. 7 wants you to use your mind. Sit quietly, allow yourself to daydream and tap into the intuition that is being given to you. Solve issues that are distracting you. Get plenty of rest and eat well. If you feel lonely, reach out to a good friend and spend some quality time talking with them on a deeper level. Look for some holistic care by getting that massage or the energy work your body craves.

Personal Year 8 would make September:

8 Personal Month

8 + 8 = Expansion in business, financial improvement, and recognition… if you’ve put in the work!

This month definitely helps you to understand the meaning of “you reap what you sow.” If you’ve done the work, expect that compliment or promotion, maybe along with a raise in pay! 8 is always concerned with finances. Pay attention to your money. Get everything in order. It’s a good month to tuck something away, since an unexpected expenditure could arise. 8 requires balance, which in turn requires action on your part. It can tip either way very easily, so pay attention to the ones you love, your bills, and your work. Be kind and give recognition to those who’ve helped you on your path. You’re starting to feel like you need a change. You may even feel like something’s got to give! If you’re offered a new position, make sure you have all the facts. Don’t be impulsive. Be aware that this is strong energy; don’t push others too far. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. You’ve probably been tested multiple times this year, this in fact has helped you better yourself, both in business and personally.

Personal Year 9 would make September:

9 Personal Month

9 + 9 = Time to clean up all the loose ends and let them go. This isn’t the month to push forward on a new adventure, but instead, it’s a time to purge yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually of things that are no longer needed. Next month delivers 1 energy, which will allow for something new. If your closets are too full, you’ll be unable to appreciate and support next month’s energy. Drama can be part of 9 energy, and it will bring emotions front and center. Remember other people’s drama doesn’t have to be your own. Remember that old saying, “Not my monkeys, not my circus.” You have the right to choose what you’ll be involved with. When 9 is around, the past can revisit you, to help you release what you’ve been holding on to. This energy is slow moving. Things are starting to look a little different for you, but don’t make any impulsive decisions. If something needs to be addressed, it’s important that you acknowledge the issue and meet it head-on. Next month, you’ll find clarity and more energy.


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