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Renee's Story: "Follow Your Bliss"

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

Last time I checked in with Renee, she was entering 1 energy for the month of July during her 3 year. So far, Renee’s 3 year has been full of expanding interests, friends, and has been emotionally charged. The influence of Renee’s core energy (the energy that makes her who she is) has caused her to feel the heavier, emotional side to her 3 personal year . But, as she moves into the second part of her 3 year, it holds promise for the creative manifestation of her dreams and goals, travel and growing social connections.

July was a great launching pad for Renee to really begin to feel physically energetic and for her to plant “seeds” that she can nurture and cultivate during the remainder of her 3 year. When I spoke to Renee, she said she finally began to feel a shift. “I began to feel the emotional weight of my 3 year shift to a lighter energy at the end of July,” Renee said. “I spent some time in social network gatherings where conversations began to lead to potential new career mentors, professional contacts and network opportunities that could open new job or professional development opportunities which was exciting. I also found myself reconnecting with my mediation practice to begin leveraging the power of going inward to visualize the kind of life, career and relationships I want; open to the path my internal compass wants to guide me down.”

Renee's Story: "Follow Your Bliss"

Making potential new career connections through social networking groups and using mediation and visualization to tap into the power of manifestation align well with the energy of Renee’s 1 personal month in her 3 year.

As Renee moves into the month of August and its 2 energy she will find that she will be asked to slow down, reflect, and catch her breath. August is designed to be a month of rest to help prepare her for the potential busyness of the rest of her 3 year. It would serve her well to seek out self-care activities and those that bring her peace, joy, and relaxation. This energy wants to help her take pause to follow her bliss.

Renee also needs to be aware that August holds a Master Number 11 for her. The 11 heightens any areas around spiritual illumination, artistic creativity, and inspired healing. Connections Renee makes this month can serve her in various ways both personally and professionally. It is an ideal opportunity for her to go inward for some deep soul searching, especially in regards to areas of partnerships and relationships. This energy also allows her and wants her to lean on others for advice and guidance.

Stay tuned to see if the relaxed and inspirational 11/2 energy of August helps move Renee’s 3 year toward towards deep healing and invites more playful and creative experiences into her life.

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