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Personal Years 3 and 4: Creativity and Building Foundations

As we continue to look a bit closer at Personal Year energy, this week we explore the energy around the Personal 3 and 4 years. It is important to note that the Personal Year Cycle runs from January 1 – December 31—not from birthday to birthday, even though many people do find that the energy related to their Personal Year intensifies around their birthday.

As we learned from following Renee’s personal year journey, a 3 Personal Year supports anything in regards to self-improvement. It’s a year for fun, creativity, and tapping into your expressive emotions. However, for some, it can be a year where that challenges authentic expression of your emotions so emotional highs and lows may be experienced. The gift of a 3 Personal Year is finding your joy, acting upon your creativity, and speaking your truth.

“Looking back on my 3 year I am grateful for the opportunities that the energy drew to my life that allowed me to explore my creative talents in writing, recommit to a meditation practice to help me manifest my desires, and increase my self-confidence in expressing my personal truths. Had I not understood the energy of this year, I would not have embraced those opportunities like I have.” ~Renee

Personal Years 3 and 4: Creativity and Building Foundations

For those of you experiencing a 4 Personal Year, it has been a time to work hard and sharpen your skill set. The 4 year energy is about building strong foundations and slowing the pace to carefully plan out the goals you want to focus on. After the lightness of a 3 personal year, this energy brings seriousness and requires hard work to set the foundation for whatever you’re personally working on, whether it is your job, relationships, health, or family.

“Finding out I am finishing out a 4 Personal Year was really rewarding for me. My year was filled with hard work. After many hurdles, I finally graduated college, I’ve put more of my heart and soul into my career than ever before, and I am working to better myself every day. But, with that, I also have felt the strain of all the work I’ve done. I’ve had long, sleepless nights wrapping up my bachelor’s degree, stress about completing work projects on time, and so on. Knowing that there was a reason for all this stress and work, and knowing that it won’t be like this forever, brought me a certain peace I had not felt in a long time. It really validated all of the hard work I was putting in and that my feelings of exhaustion and wear were legitimate. Learning about Personal Year energy through my readings with Sue and what’s to come next has given me something to look forward to.” ~Katelyn

Remember, your Personal Year is Calculated from the Month of Birth + Date of Birth + Current Year = Personal Year.

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