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Parents/Child Reading - Better Understanding Your Child

A question I get asked frequently is how can numerology help me understand my child?

We are all made up of different energies. Like anything, some energies works very nicely together while others tend to clash. Within the core energy (this is the energy that makes us who we are), we can have up to 6 different ways about us.

Example: Let’s say your child’s heart’s desire is a number 3. 3 energy is very creative, especially when it comes to words. Your child probably has an explanation for everything that he/she is doing--especially while avoiding responsibilities like cleaning their room. Don’t ever expect the 3 to have a clean room...just saying...not gonna happen. They are full of life and playful, but being responsible isn’t natural. The 3 lives in the moment and the moment is fun for them.

Now let’s say mom or dad has a #4 heart’s desire. What makes them happy is being organized. Mom wakes up every morning and makes her “to do list” to get her through the day. Breakfast is served at 7:30 on the dot. Bags are packed for school and the kids are waiting for the bus at 8:00--except for your number 3 who is still upstairs changing into their fourth outfit for the day. 4 is the grown-up energy, always thinking ahead and doing the right thing. 3 and 4 are totally opposite.

So what do you do?

This child needs every possible outlet to express themselves creatively. It’s hard for them to settle down (sometimes you might even question ADHD), so give your child a chance to try multiple things before they figure out what they like because they tend to like everything and everybody. Put them on the stage, let them dance, sing, write, create art--anything that allows them to express themselves. Remember words are important to them, so expect many hours of listening to why and how they are going to do or not do something. Holding a 3 back and not allowing them to express themselves is detrimental to their well-being.

Depression is common with 3 energy.

Parents/Child Reading - Better Understanding Your Child

I suspect the 3 and 4 have come together to teach each other playfulness versus responsibility. Maybe the 4 can have the 3 write their do-to-list, but don’t expect the 3 to follow it unless you dress them up in a costume and let them act it out. Although it would be painful for the 4, maybe a day of spontaneity would show the 3 you are trying to understand--and who knows, you might actually have fun.

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