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Numerology Guidance for September

I have received my first hard copy of 2020 Healing Numbers Numerology Calendars, which will go on sale the 23rd of October. I’m proofing and making sure everything is in order. If you don’t have one of my calendars or if you know someone who wants one, it starts 2019 November and December. Below are the September 2019 descriptions.

Knowing what your Personal Year Numbers in essential in finding the correct description. Here is the calculator that can help you with that. Personal Year Calculator for 2019. It’s always fun to check out somebody else’s calendar month description as we see other people’s energy sometimes better than we see our own.

This is the bottom half of the calendar showing you the red numbers under the calendar dates representing your Personal Day energy. I am now offering these descriptions through your personal digital calendars, such as Google Calendar and this month its FREE. If you are interested in receiving it please email me your Personal Year Number and if you use another digital calendar besides Google let me know. I have as few people who have tried it and have received rave reviews.

You will notice that the Personal Year energy matches the Personal Month energy. This happens every September intensifying it’s characteristics. Next month gives us a sneak preview of your next year’s Personal Year Energy. The energy is always waxing and waning just like the moon cycles and tides.

Personal Year 1 – Personal Month 1

If you’ve done your work and purged your emotional and spiritual closets, you should be feeling your Mojo: independent, original, and possessing a whole lot of inner strength. Clarity is seeping in and giving you confidence. It’s time to put action into those new beginnings that you’ve been awaiting. You feel you have the energy to tackle anything! This is the month new opportunities can present themselves. You feel you have more courage to embrace whatever life brings you. Allow yourself to think outside of the box and enjoy the higher level of creativity that shows up! This is a great month for problem solving. Be careful of your strong, definite attitude to get things done, because it could offend others.

Personal Year 2 – Personal Month 11/2