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Inside a Student Reading

📷Let me share with you a student reading for Michael, age 28. 

7 Lifepath

7 Birthdate

6 Expression

Michael has a 7 Life path and 7 Birthday. This would tell me that Michael is a very intelligent person, always seeking knowledge, looking beneath the surface for information. Michael loves to read, and probably has a library of books specializing in subjects such as science, math, religious philosophy, metaphysical science, and technology. As a matter of fact, being a librarian would be a perfect job for Michael. He is very analytic, which means he needs solid forms of information. Michael needs to understand that not everything is black and white, and one of the challenges he faces is to not distrust so much. Information that he receives from others is only that until he analyzes it and makes it right in his own mind. It’s important that Michael have his space and quiet time and this is misunderstood by many.

Inside a Student Reading

The 6 Expression clearly shows that Michael has come to be of service to family, friends, and community. His love of children and animals is obvious to anybody who knows him. Intuition is very strong. With the 7 Life Path (knowledge), this could put Michael on a path such as a veterinarian, pediatrician, research scientist, physician, nurse, or teacher - any career that is specialized and specializes in helping others because the 6 energy is all about taking care of others. Michael would also be comfortable having a career that would allow him to work on his own such as a home-based business: maybe specializing in technology, writing software for children, website design, child psychology, or a stay-at-home dad for just a few suggestions. I would also recommend to Michael that writing a non-fiction children’s book could serve as an outlet for his love of knowledge and children.


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