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Healing Numbers Newsletter

Hi Everybody,  On top of my very busy schedule I decided to take the opportunity to expand my knowledge some more in Numerology. With any type of Science I don't think we ever learn it completely. So my exciting news is that I am studying with "The Connaissance School of Numerology".  Jane Alton, my instructor and mentor is the #1 Numerologist in the UK. Her expertise is taking me to a much higher level in learning different aspects of reading numbers.   The School itself is quite magical, as it sits on the crossing of two ley lines in  Keyston Cambridgeshire, England. It was built above a cave that was used by the Knights of Templar in the 1700. Yup, you guessed it, my next class will be in the UK!! 

2021 Numerology Calendars Now Available When you schedule your 2021 Yearly-Monthly Forecast or a Comprehensive Reading, I will send you a coupon for a free Calendar.  FREE! You can schedule your reading for anytime, Nov, Dec, Jan or next week, whatever you like.  This offer ends November 29th. Order today Healing Numbers 22

There are nine Personal Year's. The Calendar you receive will represents the year that you will be working though in 2021, giving you guidance on a yearly and monthly basis.

Give as a gift for only $14.99/free shipping


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