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Numerology as a Parenting Guide

When faced with parenting challenges, we often quip that kids don’t come with an instruction manual. But that might not be true. Numerology can help us understand and guide our children as we raise them, while also giving us a deeper awareness about ourselves within each unique parent-child relationship.

That gift is exactly what numerology can unlock for each of us: a sort of guide book to help us better understand the energies that make us and our children who we are, that flow in and out of our lives, and that influence our choices. Numerology can be a powerful tool, allowing us to better understand our children.

 A parent-child reading with Julia and Lily

Meet Julia. Julia has a daughter, Lily, who is about to turn 13. Curious as to what lies ahead for her daughter as she enters this next major developmental stage, Julia reached out to numerology. Her hope was that a reading could give her greater insight into her Lily, so Julia could help her navigate the challenges and lean into the joys of becoming a teenager.

In a series of posts, we explored Lily's energies through numerology to illustrate how numbers can create insight and guidance for our lives.

Numerology as a Parenting Guide

First, we look at Lily’s core energy. That's the energy that makes her who she is. It sets the foundation for understanding all the other energies that exist, and will exist, in her life. Her Life Path Number, is the number that reveals a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons she will encounter during this lifetime. It is derived from the month, day, and year of birth. When understood, it can be used to encourage her personal growth.

Lily's Life Path numbers

Lily’s Life Path numbers are a 17/8, which highlights matters of power, money, material success, and business. This life path tells us that Lily wants to be a leader and she possesses the energy of a fighter, someone who is determined and ambitious enough to reach whatever goals she sets for herself.

The energy around these numbers can be very intense, so as she develops, her mother can help her find positive outlets for this energy. For example:  Julia’s support of Lily in athletics could help her daughter release and manage such energies.

Lily’s life path also indicates that she is a good judge of character and will easily identify people who can help her grow and succeed. As a mother, Julia can help her understand and trust this natural instinct, which will build Lily’s confidence in trusting her intuition.

The number 8 in Lily’s Life Path reflects a survivor: someone who is strong and resilient despite any setbacks experienced. From each fall, Lilly will learn. So, it will be important for Julia to allow Lily to make mistakes and help her learn and grow from each mistake made.

Parenting a daughter like Lily will present challenges at times. With a deeper awareness of who Lily is at her core, Julia can learn to parent with more patience and compassion. She can also help guide Lily by teaching her mindfulness around ambitious endeavors and reminding her that it is just as important to work towards your goals as it is to connect and nurture the relationships of the people around you.

As we celebrate our relationship with our mothers this month, we will continue to explore numerology as a tool to help Julia deepen her relationship with her daughter, Lily. In our next post, we will explore how Julia can nurture, guide and activate the energies that influence Lily’s talents and ambitions.


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