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Healing Numbers22

"Live Numerology Reading"

Thank you for participating in our event!
Tell us what you thought about it.
Were the Readers (Numerologist, Astrologer, Astro-Numeorlogist, Tarot Card Reader) clear in their explanations.
Very dissatisfiedA bit dissatisfiedPretty satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
Did you find validations for yourself in what was being said?
Not at allA little bitI perked up moreListened more carefullyMouth dropping YES!
Did you find the information hard to follow?
I was confusedSeemed to jump aroundneeded more explanationnot at all Clear and consise
How likely is it that you would recommend this hour event to family or friends?
Not at allWill think about itExcited to mention it to themWill invite them to next group sessionExtremely excited.
Overall, how would you rate the event?

Thanks for your feedback!

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