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Renee's Personal Year Story: Finding Your Inner Creator

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

“My readings with Sue have given me an awareness of what energy is surrounding me and how the universe is asking me to respond at a given time. I have been challenged by the emotional side of my Personal 3 year energy, finding it difficult to lean into it and experience the joy, buoyancy, creativity and playfulness it promises. So, knowing that August’s 11/2 energy was asking me to slow down, go inward, connect with spirit and engage in activities of self- care provided me with a consciousness to make a dedicated effort to do just that. The result has been uplifting and re-energizing.”

Renee's Personal Year Story: Finding Your Inner Creator

Renee took vacations during August in which she spent a lot of time in nature; travelling across her beautiful state of Maine to hike in the outdoors with her dogs, soak up sun and surf at various beaches, and take in sunset walks along various local waterfronts. She also spent some of her time reconnecting with old friends, reaching out to various spiritual teachers, and returning to a daily meditation practice.

“During a guided mediation, I was inspired by a quote, ‘Just as we all have a teacher within, within all of us there is an artist, a dreamer, a creator,’ “ recalls Renee. “This resonated so strongly with me given that I am wrapping up my three year that has been trying to engage me creatively in all aspects of my life. I began reflecting on how I can integrate more creativity into play, thinking and expression in all aspects of my life.”

As August ended, Renee found herself embarking on a new unexpected spiritual path that will deepen her relationship with animals (both in her personal and professional life). She also found herself at a professional crossroads where there is an opportunity for her to leverage her creative expression and problem solving to shift her work experience in positive ways. This aligns beautifully with September’s 3 energy and as her personal year shifts to 4 energy, which focuses on work.

September offers an opportunity for Renee to really tap into the manifestation potential of the double three energy flowing in her life this month. If she removes all barriers of worry, self-doubt, and fear and confidently expresses her personal truths while empowering her personal gifts in creative ways, she has the power to make her deepest desires a reality.

Will Renee manifest her dreams before her Personal 3 year ends? Check back later this month to find out. In the meantime, schedule your personal reading on website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.


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