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Using Numerology to Land your Dream Job

Stacey: Good morning, Sue. Our next career- related question comes from a reader who is at a crossroads in her career and has been working with a professional career counselor. She was wondering if numerology could help give her insight on the direction she should shift her career?

Sue: Thanks, Stacey. Numerology is a great tool that can provide clarity, validation and insight giving us a foundation for who we are and what areas we are most passionate about; therefore, guiding us towards the type of job that best matches those energies. Once we have a strong foundation of who we are, what we want and what type of environment we’d thrive in, then we can work with a professional career counselor to help us locate the right job opportunity and company that aligns with that energy.

When I do a career reading with a college student trying to declare a major or a professional who has a sudden urge to make a change in their career, I not only look at their core energies but I also look at the outside energy that will be coming into their lives at different times influencing their desires and decisions. When we understand our own talents and abilities, passions and purpose (our core energies) and how to make them work with the  energies coming into our lives at different stages (the pinnacles and personal year energies) then we can use that knowledge to help us expand and grow in all areas of our lives, including our careers.

Stacey: That’s pretty amazing. Can you remind us what the pinnacles are and how our pinnacle energy can influence our career goals and aspirations?

Sue: Sure. Pinnacles are the energy that bring in the field of opportunity and attract the situations and events that can help us expand and evolve. We experience four pinnacles, or long-term cycles, over our Life Path.  We only experience three changes of Pinnacle energy because we are born into our first pinnacle. During a career reading, I would look at your core energy, the energy of your Personal Year and your Pinnacle energies to help create a short-term and long-term career guide for you.  Here’s a general guide of how the overall Pinnacle energy influences us through career:

1 Pinnacle-- The Entrepreneur: This Pinnacle energy is asking you to raise the bar higher, to stand on your own two feet and be original, to make your own decisions and become a leader.

2 Pinnacle-- The Counselor This Pinnacle energy is asking you to work with others, to compromise and be patient with all involved, to keep all relationships in balance without sacrificing your own self.

3 Pinnacle-- The Spirited One This Pinnacle Energy is asking you to use creativity to express your inner self while encouraging and inspiring others. This can be through writing, theater, or design in all areas.

4 Pinnacle-- The Builder This Pinnacle Energy is asking you to focus on creating a solid foundation for yourself through hard work. Discipline, details, and organization will be front and center.

5 Pinnacle--The Curious One This Pinnacle energy is asking you to focus on allowing change and unexpected circumstances to expand your life experiences through understanding and constructive freedom.

6 Pinnacle--The Healer This Pinnacle Energy is asking you to take on the responsibility of caring for others in a selfless way but remembering to receive love in return.

7 Pinnacle--The Researcher This Pinnacle energy is asking you to respect your greatest gift- your mind -through study, research and sharing your gift of knowledge with others. Developing your spirituality is also brought in with this energy.

8 Pinnacle--The Executive This Pinnacle Energy is asking you to learn how to succeed in business with integrity and insight that your success comes from a higher power.

9 Pinnacle-- The Humanitarian This Pinnacle energy is asking you to be of service to others through tolerance, compassion, and unconditional love.

These are very brief descriptions, but it gives you an idea of how the Pinnacle influences us.