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Gaining Clarity When Compatibility Clashes

Stacey: Hello again, Sue. Mae would like to know how numerology can provide us with insight into our non-romantic relationships, particularly with those whose personalities we seem to clash with on an ongoing basis.

Mae: Yes, I would like to understand why my sister Kristin, who is seven years older, and I have such a challenging time navigating our sisterhood. There has always been a lot of tension, distance and misunderstandings between us. I would love to understand why.

Sue: Each number has its own characteristic which gives me insight into explaining how energies compliment and challenge each other. Those energies that we find the most challenging are put in our path to provide us with lessons and to help both individuals grow and evolve. I believe nothing is coincidental; it is all in the plan of life. My belief on this is even stronger now that I have had so many validations given to me through Numerology readings.

In your case, Mae, you and Kristin have totally different energies within your core being - Your need to heal and take care of everybody is who you are. You are good at taking care of details and situations, but in a very quiet way. On the other hand, your sister, Kristin is very strong willed, original, an out-of-the box thinker and will do pretty much whatever it takes to get what she feels she needs. I say this is a kind way, but she doesn't understand you just as much as you don't understand her, together you are both learning. It's very important to understand that many times we don't know what we want until we experience what we don't want.

Your Heart’s Desire is that of the 11/2; the kind, gentle person who wants compromise and sometimes gives in to easily sparing that emotional dissonance that goes along with discord.  It is very common for me to see the same numbers within family charts playing out in different positions and in your case your sister has the 11/2 in her Expression Number (the energy she has come to work on). What makes you the happiest is when everybody is peaceful, but you sister is learning and trying to figure that part out, which is one reason for the clash of energy.

Gaining Clarity When Compatibility Clashes

Kristin’s Heart’s Desire is 17/8. This energy desires to be at the top and is here to do that without alienating everybody around them. The universe wants her to succeed but only through acknowledging that others also matter. Until this happens she will keep hitting road blocks.  It is the number of the survivor, with many challenges until they realize success comes from a higher power and needs to be used with integrity. Kristin has very strong energy in her chart, which would make her a great entrepreneur or politician. But, she has to realize that by standing on an island alone only brings loneliness. This is part of her lesson. For her, finding a gym with a  boxing or karate class that's focused, intense and exhausting would be a great outlet and stress release for her intense energy. Her lesson is to learn to be diplomatic and to compromise to resolve problems, which your heart's desire longs for.

As sisters, I suspect you are her teacher, especially with your 33/6 Lifepath. The 6 is the healer, teacher, and therapist. The 6 takes care of their family even at a very young age, which can lead to early emotional maturity.

Mae: Wow. That is all very interesting, validating and insightful. It really helps me better understand my sister’s energy within our interactions. It allows me to accept this more as a part of who she is rather than take it so personally, as I tend to do. It also helps me make peace with where our relationship currently stands and have hope that perhaps someday, as we both evolve and grow on our individual paths, giving us opportunity to become closer and find harmony within our sisterhood. Thank you.

Sue: You are very welcome. Thank you for your question and allowing Numerology to empower not only you, but your relationships as well.

If you have a relationship that you would like to understand on a deeper level, send me your questions. I helped Mae better understand by just a 3 paragraph email.

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