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What's Your Heart's Desire?

📷Your Heart's Desire explains what makes you happy.

You might say, well, that’s crazy, I know what makes me happy. Losing sight of your own joy can be brought on through other people trying to manipulate you into their belief systems. This can happen at a very young age, an unhappy marriage, trauma, etc.

I did a reading for a gal who was going through a divorce. She had a 3-heart's desire. This is the playful one, the comedian, the party starts when the 3 walks through the door energy, creative energy. Through trying to please others and people not recognizing what she needed, she had lost the positive side of this energy and was now feeling the unbalanced side (negative), withdrawn, unsociable, depressed, fault-finding. Through the reading, I was able to explain both sides of this energy and when we were finished, she expressed so much gratitude for reminding her of what makes her happy. I could hear in her voice optimism, which is 3 working on the positive side.

What's Your Heart's Desire?

The vowels in our name given at birth tell us our Heart's Desire. What makes us feel truly good inside.

#1 – Being independent, original.

#2 – Being with friends that truly understand you and accept you for who you are.

#3 – Being center of attention, the life of the party.

#4 – Working.

#5 – Traveling, learning life through experiences.

#6 – Taking care of Family, Friends, Community.

#7 – Sitting and reading for hours, alone in silence.

#8 – Being a leader, moving to the top.

#9 – Helping the world be a better place.


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