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What a First Name Reveals

Stacey: This week our readers would like to know how we can use numerology to help us better understand the people we interact with in different contexts of our life: for example, in the workplace, at a networking event, social gathering, etc?

Sue:  By looking at just the first name, we can get a snapshot of a person’s energy and a general understanding of how his/her energy may complement or challenge our own.

When quickly deconstructing a person’s name, we can look at the first letter of someone’s first name as written on the birth certificate. This is called the “cornerstone.” In numerology, the cornerstone represents how a person approaches life and illustrates how a person deals with life's opportunities and challenges.

The first vowel in a first name, gives us a sneak preview into someone’s heart’s desire which shows us what motivates them and what brings them joy.

Finally, we look at the last letter of their first name. This letter energy tells us how someone sees projects or ideas through to the end and how they end relationships or experiences in life.

Stacey: That’s really cool Sue. Can you show us an example?

Sue: Sure. Let’s take my name Sue and see what it reveals about my nature. Then, let’s look at the name of someone named Brian I recently met to see what I can learn about building any kind of relationship with him.


Cornerstone- S is 1 energy revealing an independent thinker with original ideas and often thinks outside the box. The letter S is an emotional letter. The shape of it tells you that as it doesn’t sit firmly on the ground. It mirrors a rocker- sometimes tipping too much and causing distress.  The energy of the S can often experience emotional ups and downs and sometimes unexpected circumstances appear, usually around family. The S sometimes is so independent it doesn’t allow others to take part in decision making. Learning to allow others into their life without being opinionated will help them to complete those multiple ideas that flow on a daily basis.

First Vowel- U is 3 energy, which is a very emotional energy. The shape of it suggests that it doesn’t sit firmly in place, so when filled up with too much emotion it can tip over. This is typical for the 3 energy and is often demonstrated through sudden emotional outbursts. Creative expression and communications complement this letter, but being too impatient and impulsive is the down side.

Capstone- E is 5 energy which illustrates that one doesn’t easily finish projects on time. Procrastination is always looming. This energy would rather talk it out, while enjoying the company of friends.

When first meeting Sue I would instantly feel the strong energy of the 1. Any letter A, J, S will have this intensity.  The easiest way to approach this is through a conversation inquiring about them personally and what projects they are currently involved in. Forcing your opinion on them will backfire, so gracefully suggesting new ideas and letting them think about it is advised. You will be very well received and respected if you give them space to think things through independently. Being an S myself, I say this very humbly. Nobody is going to tell me what or how to do something; that’s just who I am. But I will tell you I always take someone else’s idea or opinion home with me, think about it and have no problem re-approaching them when I have come to a conclusion. Also, most often I give them the benefit of the doubt. So be patient with yourself and the energy of the A, J, S.