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Through the Eyes of a Numerologist

📷Welcome to Healing Numbers blog. When I researched Numerology blogs I saw that most were describing and explaining the characteristics of numbers. I will agree that is the most important part of numerology, but I want to take you deeper and let you see what I look at when I am reading a Numerology report.

Through the eyes of a Numerologist I will give examples. I will answer questions I receive. I will try to give you a better understanding of how powerful a numerology reading can be. I will help you understand why I do certain readings, how they can help, what I really look at, and why.

Through the Eyes of a Numerologist

We all agree that our soul has come to grow. More than likely you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t have that concept. Some souls choose to go easy and grow at a slow pace. Others choose to work very hard and grow at leaps and bounds, which isn’t always easy. My job as a Numerologist is to help each individual who contacts me to understand the energy that makes up who they are. My job is to explain the energy that brings in opportunities and events and help you use this in the most useful and comfortable way in your journey. It is my responsibility to help you understand when to push, to be patient, to be playful, to work hard, to go on a sabbatical, to get your financial house in order, to keep your eyes open for love, and so forth.

The validation of a numerology reading still amazes me to this day and I am excited to share with you... through the eyes of a Numerologist.



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