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The Hard-Working and Grounded M

Stacey: Sue, inspired by the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, this week’s blog reader would like to learn more about the letter M. What can you tell us about the energy of the M?

Sue: The letter M stands strong on the physical plane and vibrates with number 4 energy. The number 4 represents business and executive skills. This energy is always, managing, organizing, and striving to keep the plan moving forward. The M is made up of three V’s. The letter V is the 22nd Letter in the alphabet 2+2=4. The 2 V’s in the inside of the M show strength in a grounded earthly way. Ms’ feet are solid on the ground, but at times they can become inflexible to change because they become too fixated on their beliefs for how things should get done. They are lovers of their homes and family. The V in the middle of the M shows its ability to hold information and to see the finer details in things that others may miss. M’s intuition is strong in helping with decision making.

“M” is the only letter pronounced with the mouth closed. Gossip is irrelevant, facts and justice bring them peace of mind.

The Hard-Working and Grounded M

When I meet somebody with the cornerstone “M” I instantly respect their strong, serious nature. Conversations always start with me asking about home or work as both topics are top of his or her list. An M person is going to be very direct and honest, so if you are a fact-seeker then these are the people that I suggest you converse with. They are not always the most patient people and not everybody can keep up with their ambitious work ethic. However, when I’m looking to hire, I look for someone with the 4 energy because I know they will get the job done and get it done right. Ms’ have to take care of their health as they have a tendency to work even when they are sick.

Stacey: Very interesting. I can definitely validate and resonate with that 4 energy. I don’t have an M cornerstone but I have a 4 Life Path. I regularly have to remind myself to balance work with play and I always feel guilty calling out sick even when it’s really necessary.

Now that we know more about the energy that M carries, what can we expect when we meet someone named Margaret or Michael?

Sue: Margaret would stand out to me as a very charismatic person that people are just naturally attracted to. She carries herself with strength dreams to make the world a better place. She loves to spend time alone reading. If something piques her interest, she self-teaches until she masters the subject. Problem- solving for Margaret comes from her ability to be diplomatic and patient. Margaret often dresses in a very practical way; taking into consideration practicality and getting the best shopping deal possible.

As for Michael, I love talking with anyone named Michael as he carries much love in his heart for his family, friends, co-workers and community. His overall energy tells me that he is a healer and teacher. Michael is always available to be of service and take on responsibility for others. He must be careful that he doesn’t take on more than his fair share. Self-love is a lesson for Michael. This is a person that enjoys solving problems, but even during a tense situation he can bring out his sense of humor to help ease into finding a solution. Michael would appear younger than his age and loves to dress to be noticed. Michael is very kind and caring. However, for Michael, there is sometimes a carelessness of being too optimistic. The other side of that coin is he could battle with depression at times.

Stacey: Once again your readers and I have learned a lot about name energy. I know I’m starting to apply this knowledge my own personal encounters with people that carry the cornerstone energy from the letters we have discussed so far!

Sue: That’s great. Just remember, it’s very important that you realize this is just one letter and one name. When interpreting a Numerology Chart, I am gathering information from many aspects of the name given at birth and date of birth. The cornerstone and reading of a first name is only a shutter speed snapshot of the whole picture and story.

For next week, send me a name you’d like me to read. Visit my website: or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

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