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The Numbers of Life

"The Hidden Power In Numerology,” written by Kevin Quinn Avery, DMS

As a numerologist – “We cannot change your life, or the life of those around you, only you can do that. Having the knowledge of what your life is all about, what you have to learn, how you have to live and what the aspects will be on your path in the future, will enable persons using their own free will to make decisions that will change their path into one of happiness and joy instead of misery and strife. Certain things that cannot be overcome can at least be prepared for. One often wonders why one day at the Ritz, the next in the poorhouse. These are the ups and downs of life that have been plotted before birth, that can be prepared for by those with the knowledge. To those scoffers who think numerology or astrology are just interesting games, let them find their own course to follow. The knowledge of life is all around us. Those with the knowledge will have better lives.”

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