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The Emotional O

Stacey: Greetings, Sue. Some curiosity has been piqued this week around the Letter “O.” Can you help us understand O’s energy some more?

Sue: Absolutely. The letter “O” is the 15th letter in the alphabet. So, in numerology it becomes the energy of the 6 (1+5=6).

The “O” is self-contained, living within its own belief system; it is often hard to change its opinion. There are no openings, so Os’ feel strongly that they must hold onto everything within its own quarters. The letter “O” is shaped like an eye, giving it the ability to see or look. The word Ophthalmologist certainly represents the letter “O” well. Seeing comes in two forms: seeing through the physical eye and seeing through the third eye. We have all heard the saying, “My mother has eyes in the back of her head.” The O is intuitive and its 6 energy, representing family, certainly makes sense and aligns with the meaning of the “O.” I hate to expose a mother’s secret, but she doesn’t really have eyes in the back of her head. Spoiler alert!  Instead, her intuitive ability to “see” all things really lies in the center of her forehead. This is a blessed and lucky letter, but “O” can be full of worry causing them to be over attentive with business that is not theirs to be concerned with. It’s all or nothing for the letter “O,” meaning they can be either very patient or very inpatient; honest or dishonest, etc.  Being an emotional letter, jealousy or suspicion is something that an “O” needs to learn to work through. What is in their heart and what is actually occurring in reality can be two very different things.

Personally, I don’t know anybody very well with the name starting with the letter “O.” Two names of people that I do know and will explore today are children. That makes me wonder if “O” names are just now starting to come forward. If so, why is that? Or, is it just not as common of a letter as others? Correct me if I’m wrong – If you are or know an adult with an “O” name please comment below by adding your name. Curious Sue is curious!

The Emotional O

Stacey: That’s an interesting observation, Sue. In all of my social and professional circles, I can’t think of one person with the cornerstone O! That will be an interesting pattern to follow. So what “O” names are you reading for us today?

Sue: Owen and Olivia! Owen is one who loves to travel and see the world with his family. His heart’s desire tells me that his main mission is to keep peace, harmony and balance in a world of chaos. It also shows me that he has the capabilities of standing on his own two feet and can be demanding if he needs to be. He has big dreams and an imagination that allows him to express himself through his words or maybe even through the invention of a new gadget. He is always thinking and coming up with ideas, but he feels overwhelmed with the desire to do something great in life, sometimes causing him anxiety. Owen’s glass is always half full. He loves to be original and to be the captain of his own ship, which puts him in control. It’s important that Owen expresses himself creatively and with friends. If he stuffs his emotions, there can be lows that are hard for him to get out of.

As for Olivia, the first person that comes to mind is Olivia Newton-John – singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and activist.

Of course, I don’t have her entire chart in front of me but the “O’s” 6 energy suggests musical expression in some form. Some of our greatest musicians and singers have prominent 6 energy as their Lifepath, Expression or Cornerstone numbers . The “O” certainly comes forward in the music part of Olivia Newton-John’s energy. Olivia’s overall energy would tell me that she is good with self-promotion. Also, she doesn’t fear telling you as she sees it. She knows what she wants and will go after it however she needs to. Travel (and with the V in her name that can bring in international excursions), change, and adventure are in her core being. She loves to socialize and is very good with her words, helping Olivia’s potential to be a good songwriter. Her heart’s desire is the 1 energy, which demonstrates originality, out-of-the –box thinking, and independence; making her the entrepreneur. She is very good with details and sticking to her goals until completed. Activism shows itself in 9 energy. This comes forward in her name through the letter “I”. Her name energy suggests that there will be a time in Olivia’s life where could feel powerless. This can come through in many ways. I suspect Olivia Newton-John experienced her sense of powerlessness from 1992-2017 when she dealt with her first breast cancer diagnosis then discovered that it metastasized to her lower back.

Stacey: That’s incredible stuff, Sue. Thanks for sharing all that knowledge. I hope we hear from some of your “O” readers to see if there are more Os’ out there and if this week resonates with them. We are all excited for next week’s letter reading.

Sue:  If these blog posts have ignited an interest or curiosity in our readers, I highly recommend reading, “The Secret Science of Numerology,” by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence. This book is a great reference and I often lean on her expertise when I’m interpreting the vibrational energy of the shapes of letters.

Remember, it’s very important you realize this is just the first name and Cornerstone. When interpreting a Numerology Chart, I am gathering information from many aspects of the name given at birth and date of birth.  The cornerstone and reading of a first name is only a shutter speed snapshot of the whole picture.

To send me a name you’d like me to read, visit my website: or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

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