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The Letter B's Duality

Stacey: Last week’s post generated a lot of interest from your readers about name energy. One of your readers would like to know more about the letter “B’s” energy and what energies are reflected in the names Bethany and Billy.

Sue: Absolutely. The letter “B” has an explosive sound that you can hear when you say words like breath, brag, big, bang buttock, and blossom.

The shape of the letter “B” has a straight back indicating that it is strong and stable. However, it is also “bi-shaped” in that it has two symmetrical unbroken shapes facing forward and towards the future.

The Letter B's Duality

The two shapes facing forward show duality. The letter “B” also carries the energy of 2.

The cornerstone letter “B” tells us that this person is quiet and keeps to themselves. Communication is limited, and can often appear secretive. Emotions sit inside, bundled up causing heightened sensitivity. When first looking at the letter “B,” it appears balanced, but if you look closer you can see it has a slight rocker on the bottom demonstrating that it can fall forward. Dividing the letter in the middle allows room for spirituality, giving the “B’ intuition and physical room that shows a love for the earthly plan.

When speaking the letter “B” out loud, you hear “Be,” reflecting two wants. For example, “ let things be.”

B people like to stay in one place and are not eager for change. Their shyness is illustrated in the containment of the letter. B’s do not like working or living alone. They are very good with details and are typically the powerhouses behind the scenes. Their lesson is to learn how to wear their heart on their sleeve and to not be afraid of rocking the boat.

Stacey: Wow, Sue. That’s a lot of insight into the B energy. Now can you tell us more about what the names Bethany and Billy reveal?

Sue: Sure. Bethany: When first looking at this name I can immediately see that Bethany is probably over-sensitive because she has two letters containing the 2 energy in them. I suspect she is optimistic and very good with her words. Hopefully, she uses this talent for writing, public speaking or theater. She is very well-liked by everybody. Decision-making doesn’t come easy for her as the Y suggests that she may be indecisive as she can often see both sides to the story.

Billy: The energy in this name suggests he is a lover of home, family, and traditions, but needs to have time to himself to focus inward. I suspect Billy is the one who comes up with a game plan and compromises when situations come up at home or work. He likes responsibility and finds himself at the mercy of people needing guidance. He is blessed with being very creative often uses intuition to guide him. Most likely this comes so naturally to him that he doesn’t even realize that’s what he is doing. Again, we have the Y, but in this case I don’t believe he becomes indecisive from seeing both sides of the story. Instead, his intuition will direct him to take the right fork in the road.

Stacey: Thanks, Sue. I am excited to learn more about different letter and name energies from your readers’ submissions.

Sue: Yes, keep sending those names; I will try to use them as we go through more of the alphabet.

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