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Numerology to Help Children Overcome Challenges

In our last few posts, we met Lily and discovered that her hearts desire will lead her to help and nurture others. Let's look at what Lily's numbers say about her challenges.

Lily will be challenged her entire life with the energy of the 4, which craves structure and order. She'll need to learn to balance her playful core energy with more grounding energy. If she chooses to embrace her playful and light-hearted energy, she'll tap into her intuitive nature. From there she'll deepen her spiritual connections and strengthen her psychic gifts.

Lily's core energy is a 3, which tends to be scattered; full of big creative ideas. But she'll struggle to cultivate them, unless she embraces her 4 energy. The 4 will root Lily so her ideas can grow and blossom.

The Challenges Ahead for Lily

When Lily enters her late twenties, until her mid thirties she will have a 0 challenge number. This means that her soul won't be sure what lessons it wants or needs to learn during that time. That will leave her wide open to the energies that will come in through her personal year numbers and her first pinnacle.

What is a pinnacle?

We have four pinnacles throughout our individual life path, each lasts for extended period of time and represents a particular lesson. Lily's first pinnacle will possess 5 energy, which focuses on freedom. She will be drawn to events, choices, and activities that help her soul expand freely.

However, without understanding that energy and how it can interplay with her core energies, Lily could plunge down a path of extreme partying, drinking, and harm. The energy of the 5 is challenged by anything that seems to be too restrictive. It is an energy that facilitates exploration and self discovery.  So, this could mean that Lily may be in school for a long time as she discovers her path. Or, it could also could mean she will not settle down until she is older.

The energies that Lily has coming into her life during her first pinnacle when combined with her core energies indicate that she is independent, a spiritual warrior, creator and innovator.

Being able to foresee these energies and challenges, Lily's mother can begin building a foundation of awareness in Lily’s life today. If Julia can help Lily understand the energies that shape, motivate, and also challenge her, Julia can offer guidance and support. She can ease the burden and lessen the struggle.

In our next post, we'll explore some of the ways Julia can help Lily as she enters her teenage years.


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